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This is the official discussion for the first video in our Producing Track.

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Whilst listening to this introduction video, it seems as if a producer’s role is quite intensive in the pre-production and production stages of a film. Is there many duties within the role during post-production etc.? If so will you also be telling us about that in future lessons?


Depends on how hands on the producer is. A good producer will at the very least check in to see how the editing is going because they have personal stakes in it and what the project to be good.

But, after production, the producer is usually wrapping up all production payments, the books, invoices, etc, which can last a couple weeks. They may also have to produce pick up and reshoots.

Post Production is usually run by the post supervisor, which essentially acts as a producer for the post process.


please excuse me, as i am a newbie…

but i loved the topic of controlling costs, and what is spent on different things for either anima or film. Can you touch more on the subject; as the best way to save on costs with directors and writers and their vision, as sometimes they come out in two different versions; and it seems like to many shots, run production down to quickly (weather in gaming or film)…I am a staunch supporter that the director will have the envisioning of the film; but sometimes it doesn’t work out that way with all scripts-any help?

Also, do you ever cover topics of insurance,being bonded, licensing, etc??? especially with 3rd party companies, stunt work, line work (rigging), or even with studio rentals… I think it would be interesting.-just sayin…/cool topic! :sunglasses:


In RJ approach to the creative process, is there a difference between a Creative Producer, Producer and Line Producer? Many of these responsibilities described in the video, in my opinion, are roles of a line producer on a film set.