What a crock. Paid for signed VGHS3 poster and received non-signed


This company is a rip. Intentionally not listing any support numbers and ripping off their customers. Ordered a $40 signed poster only to receive a non-signed and wrinkled normal poster. Here’s a clue RocketJump, if you run out of inventory you REFUND the order, not try and steal money. This happened to others in the community as well. It was intentional. I’ve reached out to my credit card company to dispute the charge and requested them to tag the company as fraudulent. Encourage others to do the same.


Hey Man its not their fault it was probably just a mistake but you can always email them shop@rocketjump.com for issues. Sorry that happened to you


As stated by Jake, this is most definitely a mistake and we will make sure to take care of that for you. Every order confirmation email lists our customer support page where you can get in contact with the store team about any disputes. If you want to email them directly, you can use shop@rocketjump.com. Nobody here intentionally wrinkled and shipped out the wrong order to you, so get in contact with our store team and they will sort you out ASAP!