What does everyone play?


Hey guys! I thought I start a thread where we can talk about what we all play! Personally I’m big into pathfinder, me and my friends have had a campaign going for about 9 weeks now and it’s pretty damn fun


I like a good game of Risk from time to time and I need to get back into Warhammer 40k. I’ll also play Like stratego here and again.


The video game highschool board game :smiley:
Actually I don’t play a lot of (analog) games :frowning:


I mostly play Munchkin (a RPG parody card game) as a game is rather short (I rarely have enough time for a 10 hours long play :slightly_smiling:) and the rules pretty simples (most of my friends are too lazy too read more than 5 pages of a rulebook).

There’s a lot of other games I play from time to time and I just got Zombicide, an awesome coop board game.


I think I played that once sounds interesting. I Need to play more board table top games only problem is I’m 14 and live >10 miles away from anyone. When we do play though it’s for like 5 hours and usually Risk which is really fun.


One of the favorites at my local games club is Shadows Over Camelot. Each player is a knight of the Round Table with different perks and abilities, trying to fill the table with white swords. But in addition to going on quests and fighting off siege engines, there is a traitor among the knights, which quickly becomes a game of lies and deceit. Highly recommended!


I’ve picked up D&D 5e in the last few months, it’s pretty good.


how is that? I’ve never played D&D before and my gf and I want to start. We picked up 4 or 3.5 E last march but it was much too complex to learn.


I’ve been playing Betrayal at the House on the Hill. It’s a great game. I’d also suggest downloading custom haunts for it. I’ve also got Mice and Mystics but haven’t played in a while.


With games like d&d and pathfinder it’s really hard to just pick up on your own but if you have a dungeon master and a few people in your party who have experience its really easy to figure out cause they can kind of walk you through it


Yeah haha I also looked into pathfinder, the only “D&D” I’ve played was the Ravenloft Board game


I’d say 5e is probably the better way to go if you’re just starting out, it took all the good bits of 4e and cut all the meaningless stuff so it feels much smoother. It’s just six stats and a sword, and that leads to a whole lot of potential.


Betrayal at House on the Hill is LEGIT!


hello my name is Agent Freeagent… and i play M.U.G.E.N…


Obviously Monopoly can never be boring: if it is, just find another edition of it! Could there be a RocketJump Monopoly edition?
I like to find new games on the Friday stream, they’re like my personal board game reviewers!


the monopoly streets would be FreddieW and Rocketjump productions, going from least to most expensive and the characters would be chickyboo, the rocketjumper, law’s rc car, shotbot’s head, and a camera.
And the prison would be a ballpit




Close enough for now! :joy:


Alright here we go…:

Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, Munchkin, Arkham Horror, Elder Sign,
Betrayal at the house on the hill, Chez Geek, Black Stories, Forbidden Desert,
Magic the gathering en of course Hello Kitty’s Furry Fluff Adventure!


Welp, Cards Against Humanity is a fun one. Recently got into Clue. Uno… Haven’t played board games in awhile. Find those fun though!