What is your favourite Freddiew/Rocketjump Short?


My favourite video out of all of theirs has to be Mexican Stand-off as it has my type of comedy in it. makes me laugh every time, and to top that off Key and Peele are awesome, it got me introduced to them.

What is yours?


I feel like I’ve gotta go with ‘The Rocketjump’ action short from 2010.

While it’s definitely not their best one, it was the first one I ever watched on Youtube and is arguably the video responsible for sparking my interest in filmmaking and vfx. After watching that short, I started watching their behind the scenes videos and got really into vfx, film, etc. - downloading After Effects and getting into some classic Lightsaber and Teleportation Effects.

It led me to select Media Studies in high school, the class where I would make my first short films. Now I’m done with high school, and am most likely going off to study film/media production next year.

It was definitely an important video for me to watch.


One of my favorites was Ode to Gmod. Brandon actually made this one, I can’t seem to find it on RocketJump’s channel though :confused: Idk why but it really hit me. It was so simple yet powerful. There are soooooooooo many good shorts out there though. It’s really hard to pick for me haha.


I recently discovered that i had been watching Freddie’s videos much longer than i had thought.
Medal of honor cat was my first video and without it i may have never gotten into YouTube.
So yeah, it’s kind of important.
I think that action might have gotten to me, so it’s probably one of my favorite videos.


The Mexican Standoff with Key and Peele was awesome I loved it for just the constant story turn arounds they had going that they need to draw the line themselves haha


The first Milk Man and Ode to Gmod was awesome, it’s too bad they had to take it down.


For me, it’s got to be Jedi A-Holes

Legend of Zelda: Pot Smasher

or Knife Guyz


Whenever I think of FreddieW the first video that comes to mind is “Cereal Killer”



one of my all time favorites


Thanksception is clearly the best video and is culturally relevant year-round.