What made you happy today?


I want to know about the best part of your day :blush:

For me, I was happy that the bizarre chicken/carrot/pesto thing I made for dinner tonight actually ended up tasting good :slight_smile:

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I bought, and watched VGHS S3.


Someone brought bagels in from Einstein Bros. and another coworker made salsa with jalapenos and chipotle peppers. Amazing. All that made me happy, as well as the fact that it is Friday…


I get to spend today and all weekend on set for a TV shoot! I’m creating and posting behind the scenes content for social media as it happens. I’M PUMPED. This is going to be my happy thing for the next few days :slight_smile:


Way to go Nick! You are turning into your companies version of Lauren haha


Oh no, I’m just posting goofy photos on twitter, not making art. Although watching @Lauren’s behind the scenes videos has helped me understand what’s happening on set like 20,000% more than I would otherwise. (Thank you Lauren, I look like way less of an idiot than I might have!)

Jake, you didn’t say what made you happy today! :slight_smile:


hahaha okay well today not much had a pretty chill day but if you make me pick something specific it would be that I found a car that I wanted in GTA V. I had one before spent about $50,000-$75,000 on it only to discover I couldn’t save it! I was so upset but today I found that car again made sure I could save it this time and rebought the upgrades I wanted!!!


What will make me happy is when JAKE WILL FINALLY PLAY WITH ME!


HAHAHAHA! Kevin just want to play with Jake hahaha, his life won’t be completed until that happens xD

Well… i had a happy day yesterday (It’s Saturday already here haha xD) because my class presentation (Didn’t sleep working on it…) went super great, i can say it was the best of the class hohoho :blush: and then, after class, i came across with my 2 best friends from school and they didn’t let me go to lunch because we were talking and laughing a lot haha, that was the best moment of my day and in the night i played Smash Bros 3DS until the day ends… and i still playing… so… I’m still happy… Smash Bros always makes me happy… ALWAYS…


Had the best sandwich ever today. Like THE BEST. Chicken, pesto, shredded lettuce, cucumber. YES.


I played on the newly formed RJ Community Minecraft server with @Ezra_Style for awhile

And I had the best cookies ever today!



VGHS S3 Episode 2 made me very happy today!!!


My sorority is presenting a panel on some of the least represented sexual, romantic, and gender identities later this quarter. YAY FOR THE CULTIVATION OF AN UNDERSTANDING COMMUNITY!!


I blocked a shot with my foot in a water polo match, simultaneously kicking it down to a team mate who then scored. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten out of the pool happier than that.


I was working with a Red Camera learning how to be the 1st AC and Camera Operator!


Today i got the code for the Pokemon Omera Ruby and Alpha Saphire Demo for my 3DS! Also tuesdays are my free day, so almost every tuesday are happy days hahaha.


Red cameras are my favorite, what model?


The Red One but my school also has a scarlet


ooooh, that’s awesome (and expensive)


Is this technically the next day? Idk. Went to a super awesome bar in culver city, had a super awesome DD drive me home. I’m also currenty very thankful for autocorrect. These are happy things