What made you happy today?


Now I’m REALLY happy!!


Ahh man, takes me back.
I used to read McSweeney’s stuff all the time!


McSweeney is the man. Or woman? I don’t actually know…


What made me happy today? Actually, it was a huge thing for me. I just finished binge-watching VGHS again, with my mum. Yes, my mother :smiley: It’s actually a long story, but I will tell the short version. Around the time I discovered VGHS and RocketJump in general, our family went through some tough times, there was a lot of hurting involved, and after I almost lost my mother emotionally, I almost lost her literally to an unfortunate illness, it was some hard-core stuff that season 3 has covered so heartwarmingly well (yes, there were a lot of crying involved). Our family was basically torn apart because of this, and she went through some stuff alone and decided they should get a divorce, and they did, in early 2015, after 35 years of marriage. Naturally, it hasn’t been the same as before and it never will, and everybody had to make sacrifices (and I don’t know If I can make through another drama like that), but it actually opened some new doors as my mum has actually started to open up more to us now with her new-found youthfulness, so it was inevitable that I would show her VGHS and the whole world of our generation. She really loves great stories told well, and I can say confidently that she loved it and enjoyed it. She never thought for one minute that it’s lower budgeted compared to some network TV stuff, she especially loved @FreddieW’s paperlegs-on—sticks effect from S03 when I showed her :smiley: The indication of how great job you did was that at the epic end battle, she mourned all characters and genuinely screamed out when someone was in immediate danger. Like when Shane jumped Ki at the end, and when she finally defeated him in hand-to-hand combat after two seasons of irritation, she let out a triumphant “oh yeah, well deserved!” comment, that’s a sign of her being immersed in the experience.

So I’m happy about that today, and it shows that even something so nerdy and youthful can be liked, understood, and appreciated by anyone really, no matter what. If I could, I would list all of you here who was involved in it just to thank you again for your work on this an in general over the years! :slight_smile:

… And the stream was rad as usual, so more happy points for today! Thank you all again, @Trisha , @Daniel @JoeyScoma, @cherish, @Lauren ! ( Now them, I can list all, fortunately :slight_smile: )


Thanks for sharing, hearing this makes me happy. Cheers



At first, when your character went full Platoon, she screamed at you for being stupid to then have the exact same reaction as Brian and Jenny, so if that was the intention, spot on! :smiley:


I didn’t have an official role with VGHS but as one of its biggest fans, it’s always so amazing to hear when it affects people, especially when it comes to the tough stuff like Season 3. Thank you so much for sharing this story and for sharing it with your mom!! That means so much. For some reason, a lot of RocketJumpers’ moms love the show, haha. It may be because they’re biased but I’d like to think VGHS has a strong mom demographic :blush:


Yes, it means that much to me too :slight_smile:
We had a saying in our electrical measurments class: “One measure is no measure” which means that you can’t really draw a conclusion from one example, but if mine is any indication, then it definitely is a great mom show :smiley:


Long ago!

@FreddieW @Clint


This story! Thank you so much for sharing, you made my day! There are so many awesome people here and I feel so lucky to get to talk and hang with you all! Thanks for being so rad @SzPeti42


I don’t have enough hearts for you Trisha and all of you :slight_smile: :heart:
Never stop being so rad yourselves!


What made me happy today is this community. Everybody in it. We’ve all come together to learn and to also have fun and do what we love. All the memories we’ve shared up to this moments. From the awesome twitch streams to the YouTube live streams. Also the great times we have in the forums! This community is strong and filled with loving and caring people. It keeps growing. We all have laughed together, learned together. And definitely had our fun times! Everyone here is awesome, can’t wait to make more memories with you guys!


Incredibly long but amazing day today. Came home for the first time in a month and got to see some sorely missed friends! Got the keys to my first car, will post a picture when I get the chance and finally I got the pleasure to share my day with you! Hope everyone is doing well!


This came in today. My Pharmacy Technician Training license.


expecting this kind of a new car reveal from you kev!


Fall just started here on the east coast of the U.S. and it’s so pretty


SWEET! Congrats @Soccerdrop1, that’s a big deal!


Thank you Daniel :smile:


Made pumpkin pie today. Happy Halloween everybody! :imp: :jack_o_lantern:


With thanks to Rocket Jump’s fake blood video, (and some online recipes) I managed to make some edible fake blood that tastes pretty good! I was hesitant to buy blood pellets because of how bad they tasted, so this is really successful. Now to scare my friends at school… Happy Halloween all! :jack_o_lantern: