What made you happy today?


I think this turned out pretty well


Got to see my Mom, My sister, and her husband today. They surprised me at work. Haven’t seen them in forever. And super hyped! My sister offered me to take her wedding pictures! They are getting married in the Amish country and the scenery for her wedding is going to be beautiful! Super happy for her!


I went away to the countryside for 4 days with my godparents and one of my cousin to their little peaceful getaway place on top of a hill with breathtaking view, crystal clear air and lots of home grown vegetables, and without internet :smiley:
It’s literally a therapeutic experience, so nice, peaceful, healthy, I would invite you all just to sit there and watch the sunset with me. It can make your day happy.
We planted some new trees (I love that feeling of creating and nurturing new life), went to a thermal spa with a kick-ass sauna, or just talked with my cousin until dawn.


This made my day!


I’m so happy it actually feels like Fall this week! #holysweaterweatherBatman!!


In this town, we call home, everybody hails to the pumpkin song!

"In this town, don’t we love it now, everybody’s waiting for the next surprise!


Trader Joe’s sells pumpkin bread mix. With 2 eggs, 1/2c. oil, 1c water, and 1 hour of your time, your house can smell like the holiday season has moved into your kitchen and is hanging up curtains!!

HIGHLY recommend! It made my tummy very happy!!


This! ^
I made a ginger and orange pumpkin cream soup with pickled onion+smoked parenyica cheese bruschetta for my family in the weekend before going on my trip, I just love pumpkin season!


Giving away stuff to someone who might need it always makes me happy, so I’m gonna copy here what I’ve written in my Witcher thread maybe more of you will read it this way and somebody will jump to the opportunity so their day can be happy too :slight_smile:


I’m super happy that this weekend is Fall Back for Daylight Savings Time. Don’t forget that on Saturday night, you can roll those clocks back one sweet sweet hour.

(I know you all have digital phones so this is probably a purposeless post, but I’m just so darned excited about it!!)

(*Note: This only applies to people in the United States whose states participate in Daylight Savings… Sorry everyone else!)


Clock in the Netherlands was turned back an hour, a week or so ago. I already got my extra hour of sleep, I want some more!


I almost missed out on the RJ stream yesterday because we’ve already changed our clocks :smiley: While I like the aspect of the one hour plus, I find it constantly annoying that now it’s literally pitch black at 4:30 pm.


Same here in the UK. Maybe we should fly over to them for the night.


I became a “Regular”, yay! :metal: :fireworks: :tada:


Well deserved my friend


I’m performing in a play this weekend :smiley:
One step closer to acting in rocketjump and corridor digital videos!


That’s greatman! Break a leg! But you’ll kill it out there.


I’m gonna try to write, shoot & edit a one man short film today. I may ask for some help but most of the work will be done by me.


That’s awesome @Jasper_Cloud ! Is that your first time ?

Also good luck for your project @Phonzology !


Pretty much, if you don’t count school plays it is

Edit: things went pretty darn well :blush:
One more show tomorrow and it’s done