What made you happy today?


Congrats, man! How did you like performing?


Oh I love performing, there’s not a play that I’ve not liked doing. I’d rather play along with a bad play than watch it.


I don’t know about you guys, but if that’s not what happiness looks like I don’t know what is :yum:

I have to watch my weight nowadays, so I try eating this hearty stuff less and less, but with this cold, rainy weather and a 2 hour tennis match, it just warms my everything :smiley: And I made it myself from scratch!


Oh man. After the insane lunch I just ate I should not be hungry…but that is pretty damn appetizing @SzPeti42!


Didn’t know releasing a web series after working on it for a couple months felt so good, literally feels like I just dropped off a 50 pound bag somewhere after carrying it for a couple months.


Congrats man! I am in a class right now doing George Bernard Shaw scenes and am really digging it. Let us know how the shows went!


Thank you Cate! The shows went really well! Everyone put on their best performance yet and we all had a great time.
I won’t be able to play in their next play (because I’ll be visiting @khronos127 in Florida), but the director actually does amateur theatre as a side thing. He does some big tv work here in the netherlands and through him i might be able to land some gigs for a small roll or as an extra. Which I am much excited about.


I finally found a film club in my area and they’d like to talk to me about ideas for short films today. I’m a little nervous but I’m pumped.


Don’t be nervous! You’re going to rock it!


Catching the live stream today, despite the consequences of today’s misadventures in cooking from scratch.


I love Leonardo DiCaprio, almost as much as he loves the planet, and today is his birthday. What a glorious, glorious day :slight_smile:


O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!


@Danny’s back from vacation and he didn’t get eaten by a shark!


Jenny the cat came home lsst night after two weeks missing! A little thin and shouty, but very pleased to see everyone. :smiley_cat:


Oh, awesome !
I’m glad she came back.


You guys!! This is a real place that exists in the world!! How fantastic is that?!


Beyond measure.


What made me happy today is the story of Jani bá, an 87 years old citizen of Nyíregyháza, who was peacefully repairing his 9th floor balcony’s fallen-off glass barrier when he slipped and went over the rail. What followed was truly action movie stuff. He grabbed onto his balcony’s bottom part, and with the help of the strong winds that were blowing today, he swayed himself into the 8th floor balcony, to the huge surprise of Ági, who’s lived under Jani bá for the past 40 years.

He remained conscious, and he’s gonna be released from the hospital this week (The drawing’s from borsonline’s original article).

So if you think that Harrison Ford is maybe getting too old to play Indy, think again :wink:


Last night the midnight release of fantastic beasts and where to find them and now I’m at a concert by the Kilkennys :smile: it’s a good day


This website is no longer blocked on my school wifi. I guess the web blocker assumed it was a game, but it has since been fixed. I now have another website to browse in boring classes :stuck_out_tongue: