What made you happy today?


Interview for a Graphic Designer/ Videographer position at my campus Rec center, tomorrow! That’s why I haven’t been as active on here :smiley:


Best of luck to you @Kevin_Nguyen!


Grand Tour and pizza, what a chilled way to end the week. :pizza: Oh boy, was GT good! Won’t say anything else if you’re planning to watch it.

Would also reccommend it to all the filmmakers here, some beautiful shots among others of three middle aged men driving million pound cars. :sweat_smile:


Noticing my consistent workflow and enjoying myself while doing so. Also, I became a regualr today :+1:


@aoshaw21 dude I’m sooo hungry right now and I just saw a Grand Tour billboard. Short version, I’m super jealous. Sounds real good.


:snowflake:It’s finally Snowing in West Virginia!!! :snowflake:


I surpassed 100 views this month!!! Now for 1000.


Congrats @Phonzology, moving on up!


@FreddieW showed me the way around an A7s and sent me off to take a bunch of photos for shits and giggles. Pretty solid way to spend an evening!


All the pies make me happy today. ALL THE PIES INTHEWORLD!!!


Happy Thanksgiving Everyone. Hope you guys have a wonderful day!


What a cool boss ye have there.


Typing this from a hotel computer in Rome, Italy. I’m pretty happy!


Got a PS4 Slim! Upgraded paid off!


Hit us with that new slim review when you have a chance to run it through its paces!


Made some nice hits during the fencing tournament today. We fell just short of the podium, coming in at 4th place (I say we because it was a duo tournament). But it went pretty well considering I have just returned to the sport after a 2-3 month absence :grin: (in which I had theater at the same night as the fencers train)


Awesome, congrats! :crossed_swords:
What kind of fencing? I played the Olympic sword type in high school for a few years, and I really enjoyed it while it lasted, but ultimately the high school class ended and I started playing tennis and basketball instead going into University. So it’s an almost 10 year absence for me :smiley:


I got me a thing


The epee is my weapon of choice :slight_smile:

@Kevin_Nguyen that’s awesome dude, have you been testing it out yet? I expect some pics in the photos thread soon!


Some pictures and some videos :wink: