What made you happy today?


My cousin taught me sparring in Yokushai Karate. Showed me the Point Game as he called it. It was fun and I can’t wait to do it again.


I was a sabre man myself, when I made the choice as a teen, it was more exciting for me that you had to attack to actually win a point, so you had to be lightning quick and always two steps ahead of your opponent. I never tried the other kinds, and probably they are just as quick and intense as sabre :smiley: (Szilágyi Áron, the Hungarian fencer is actually the two-time defending champion of the sabre in the Olympics, we have a great history in this sport. If you see “A napfény íze”, or “Sunshine”, a Szabó István directed Golden Globe nominated film starring Rachel Weisz and Ralph Fiennes, you could see some of our 20th Century history presented with this sport and in an overal beautiful movie).

Rome is awesome, if you come across trollybuses looking like this, say hi to them as I probably know them, the whole electronic system was designed here and it features my father’s own inverter system :trolleybus: :smiley:


I was early to the party apparently :sunglasses: :laughing:


Whaa!? That’s awesome man. Send us your sweet sweet pics!


No no no haha this was from RTX in 2015 :laughing:


I’m soo happy it’s cold enough for layers!


I’ll do my best. So far I already see improvements.


YEAH! @CFG gets it. She’s also from a place that has weather.

I got to dig out my down jacket today for the first time since I moved to LA and it was FRIGGIN’ GREAT.


I’m so sick of damned sun screen!! I need some cloud cover in my life man!!


The lady in the red jacket and the man next to him with the beret on the right is my grandma and grandpa. They were waiting on the side of the road when a taxi irregularly cut in front of a bus, crashing into it and launching the bus into the sidewalks. They literally escaped with their life by centimeters using some awesome Spidey-sense dodging. They can’t even recall how it happened. My grandma is fresh out of knee surgery and my grandpa is 85 and half-deaf since early childhood. This is nothing sort of a miracle. I don’t even know how to feel properly on top of being extremely happy today.

Life is a miracle, treasure it :slight_smile:

Here’s a video about the accident:


What an incredible event! I hope everyone is well.


The taxi driver was injured badly, but survived, some of the passengers got lightly injured, but fortunately it was a lucky accident.

Hey @Daniel, I tried to also embed the Google Drive video, and in the editor it seemed like it worked, but I don’t see it now just whiteness.

Oh and also I pre-enrolled in Hans Zimmer’s Masterclass, an online video course that will be available early next year, so that should make me happy. It was actually a christmas present. I don’t know about these classes, but at this price they seem fine, if it lets you gain insight to his mind and work-flow it should be worth it. He’s not a traditionally trained composer, so he should speak my language musically :smiley:


Yeah I tried to figure out what’s going on and noticed that the preview worked and the embed on the actual forums didn’t. Looks like a same origin policy is getting set for some reason and it’s screwing things up. Sounds like maybe a Discourse software bug…


Bumped face first into this wonderful crop of videos where old BBC guys talk about the old BBC days. It’s great from a film history perspective AND - if you listen - they’ll teach you all kinds of neat tricks. All of this makes me incredibly happy.


I installed a Serene to my Easyrig successfully- go years of legos and constructs training


Today is my birthday. Just Enjoying It as best as possible.


Happy Birthday to you!


Happy birthday! :birthday::gift::tada:


@Holland says hi from Loot Crate!


No hesitation whatsoever. She shot Emily so fast. @aoshaw21