What made you happy today?


I finally released my birthday vlog and I shoot some outtakes for a practice fight I have been working on for the past month.


I hit a 1000 listens on Soundcloud this week.

It’s a small step for the internet, but a big step for me :smiley:


That’s far from small! That alone is amazing! Great job!!!


well deserved good sir!


Thank you both for your nice words! :slight_smile: Hope we can all grow our audiences together.


Your Welcome. Here’s to hoping all of us can grow.


what made me happy this weekend was being a storyteller during the Dickens Festival. One of the most iconic festivals held in my hometown of Deventer. Where numerous (theatre) groups dress up in Dickensian clothing and fill the streets of the old city centre, turning it for two days into a city from Dickensian England. It’s huge(ly crowded with over a hundred thousand visitors over two days), and I was allowed to step into the group that plays the actual characters from Charles Dickens’ books. Because the original actor ended up not being able to be there (I can’t remember the reason) and because the director of the theatre group I was with for the past half year recommended me, I became the tale teller of the story of lady Deadlock, a character from bleak house, without having to audition for it. :smile:
It went really well and was a great experience (and we got jummy greek food yesterday when everything was done, which also made me very happy!)

The last thing that made me very happy was the costume, why has this stuff ever gone out of fashion?

here’s some info on the event if you’re interested. Maybe I’ll see you there next year.



cc: @aoshaw21 It was the day Holland lost her spot in our apocalypse team. #WeLoveHolland


(It’s the beginning of Summer here in Australia) Technically it’s last week, but i overcame my fear of waves/surf. I never used to be scared of the beach when I was younger, but I think it had just been so long since going to the beach that I developed a fear.
Regardless, last week a little pushing from my family (and a good dumping from a particularly large wave) got me to, quite literally, dive right in, and now I’m perfectly comfortable to dive underneath waves and go out deeper.
Now I just have to avoid sunburn and jellyfish :grimacing:. I hope you American filmmakers are enjoying winter! :snowflake:


Week before last, we did a shoot in a muddy creek…it was 2 degrees C, one guy was in shorts, the other was wearing a burlap bag on his head, and I was knee deep in ice cold water with a borrowed camera and a sincere prayer that the various sharp instruments wouldn’t hit me in the face. Oh, and poor shorts guy had to do a drowning sequence.

American filmmaking!

Congrats on conquering your fear of the surf…the ocean is 75% of the world, after all, and we know less about our own ocean than we do about the surface of mars!


This was yesterday, but my friend and I officially signed on to work for the Winter Pitch for our local film festival next year. Basically, one script will be chosen and three directors will tackle it and interpret it in their own way. It was so cool to get positive feedback and encouragement. While we won’t know which script will be selected until February, it’s something to look forward to.


It made my day…or even week!


I got to use a Katana prop today. It felt awaeoms! So awesome i spealled awesome wrong.


I was at McDonald’s, and I paid for the person behind me. I turned around and the look on the customer’s face was priceless. She was so happy, her smile was so big. Then, she passed it on and paid for the person behind her. It was amazing, and was a good feeling.


So I went and saw La La Land today and I was completely blown away


Better than or worse than Whiplash? (made by the same guy) - I’m seeing it either way.


Its hard to compare because despite having the same director the form of each film was so different. I would say that in this film Damien Chazelle had a much better understanding of what Jazz is really about. I mean when you look at its almost as if they were from different eras: Whiplash is a stunning modern character drama while La La Land is soaked in the splendor and stylings of old hollywood while taking advantage of modern technology to enhance the sense of scope and fantasy. To say that one is better than the other is trying to compare apples to oranges. I will say that I left La La Land much happier than I left Whiplash but Whiplash wasn’t really designed for the audience to walk out with a happy feeling.


FRANKENHOOKER - it’s a cult classic for a reason…completely trashy and absolutely wonderful. If you ever feel like a night of severed limbs, gratuitous boobs, and wacky late 80s prosthetic effects, this is an absolute must see.

Genuine B movie gold for anyone that has a soft spot for this kind of fare.


I made a giant ice tube out of two old soaked shirts and a garbage bag.

Carpel Tunnel is a bitch, but that giant elongated frozen donut made my elbow magically numb for like 20 minutes.

I was so happy then!


Saw a Cinderella panto in London today! It was greatly enjoyable, and really funny. I had a (and will go to the) ball! :grin:

Pantomime (informally panto), is a type of musical comedy stage production, designed for family entertainment. It was developed in England and is still performed throughout the United Kingdom, generally during the Christmas and New Year season and, to a lesser extent, in other English-speaking countries.