What made you happy today?


Check out this video "Happy RocketJump New Year!"


Happy New Year!!!


happy new year! :dizzy: :boom: :sparkles:
here’s my well wishes postcard of this year for you all!


I have a date with my hubby tonight to go see “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them”.

Sushi and movies make me very happy. What do you think people? Eel or Tuna?


Also, this made me happy! Sweet Dreams!


Oh my gosh, this is so cute! Thank you for this @CFG :sweat_smile:

Have a great evening, I’d definitely reccomend a “I have opinions about sushi” shirt for the resturant :stuck_out_tongue:


Hmm Mr Met Office, you seem very sure of yourself. If this crazy bit of news happens, it’ll be what made me happy tommorrow!


I’m going to risk turning this thread into an animals thread (y’all who saw that one stream know how I feel about animals!) but LOOK. AT. THIS. FREAKING. EAGLE.

Its head is so big.


I can totally imagine this thing going for my face. What a BEAST!


Made a nearly movie perfect version of Big Kahuna burgers today. It was a tasty burger.


That’s one good looking burger! Please do, I need a good burger recipe haha


I’ll get that done tomorrow. Quiet Saturday. Guess I can be happy two days in a row, will it happen? Find out next time.


Figuring out how to work the blasted air con.
It’s the middle of summer here and and it reached 35C before. Felt none of it; so thankful.


Such a beautiful bird! But it sounds like velociraptor!


Very happy to see our Discord server start to become an official hub for y’all! Thanks @Daniel for hanging out, holding the suggestion session and for a successful transfer. :smile:


Thank you @aoshaw21 for getting it started and helping out so much!


Yeah @aoshaw21 you really did a cool thing! Thanks for bringing the community closer together. :smile:


@aoshaw21 It’s really awesome that you did this, you’ve put a lot of hard work into it!!! Thanks so much!!




D’awww you guys :heart_eyes: