What made you happy today?


You guys! String cheese is awesome! Had anyone else forgotten about this amazing snack that is both nutritious and entertaining? It’s back on my grocery list for sure!!!

(I just re-read this and realize I don’t sound very cool, but am going to post it anyway. String cheese is great.)


String cheese is pretty appetizing. Hard to forget such a tasteful snack!


Got approved for a house after a couple of weeks of searching - which is great because I had 10 days to go to find somewhere. And it’s with equally nerdy people (my kind of people).


Oh yeah! Cheesy delight!

My money is on the lovely smoked Parenyica, do you have these over there?


My baby daughter would like to emphatically second this claim of yours. :thumbsup:


Made friends with a really cool Australian with excellent tastes in disney music and comedians.


@Nage sounds like @laurenevam :wink:




About a week ago, I tried to send two of my favorite director’s a friend request on Facebook (which they said they’re cool with because they love interacting with their fans), but I guess something happened because nothing came of it–I guess they exceeded their friend limit.

But today, I pretty much woke up to a friend request from one of them and I’ve been feelsy all day since. I interact with them on tumblr, but still. It’s mega cool, and I think this might be the best thing to happen to me all week…well, that is until Saturday where I get to meet two figures in the underground horror community. That might have some stiff competition.



EDIT: that was AMAZING!


Seeing and hearing a live score recording from Abbey Road studios is not something you experience every day (even with Vertical Video Syndrome :D)


After a few years worth of anxious procrastinating, I finally got my driving permit! Now that it’s done and over with I really can’t see why I was ever afraid of just going in and getting it done!


Hey congrats nukes! Well done


For a couple of weeks ever year, some LA restaurants offer discounted menu’s to encourage people to come out and try new places. It’s called DineLA. My fam and I are going to Wolfgang Puck’s flagship restaurant, Spago, for a super fancy-shmancy tasting menu. I’m gonna chow down on things like maple macaron with bacon and egg yolk jam, shaved french black truffle agnolotti, and slow braised veal cheek with molasses-pumpernickel crumbs… I’m pretty excited, nom nom nom!


That’s awesome!! I’m sure they loved hearing from you.


Yeah! Right on, man…stay safe and vroom vroom.


Seeing Federer winning his 18th Grand Slam title against his greatest rival in one of the most epic 5-setter match, the level in the 5th set was crazy. And it’s especially sweet because both came back from long injuries, and I know how hard and frustrating that can be, and Federer is 35 and a half years old! They both were dismissed that they’re finished. Well, not quite yet :wink:


LA has been getting some rain over the past couple of weeks. It is something we have desperately needed, and all the grass, flowers, and trees are singing their thanks with blooms all over the hillsides. It made my drive into work seem new seeing everything so green and alive. It put a smile on my face this Monday morning.


I decided that I’m going to move to California. That makes me happy and scared at the same time.
Gonna go in May once my lease is up… or before if I actually get a job offer.

And I got this Naked Chicken Chalupa. This thing is crazy.


I wish you all the best! It’s good that you’re scared too, it means that you take it seriously. Do you have your sights on a particular place in California? Are you looking to break into an industry like film, or software?