What made you happy today?


Film of course. Just trying to find someplace where I’m a little bit more free to create. Chicago isn’t that place sadly. Much as I love this place.


Yeah, it was super cool and I’ve had minor interactions with them on my posts and theirs since then.

With the screening a few nights ago, it went super well. They were just as down to earth and laid back as I’ve been told. We ended up chilling at the bar until 2AM just talking about movies, advice on being or getting producers, writing and SFX tips and so on. I’m really happy to hear and see for myself that they aren’t secretive about how their SFX secrets (since they’re known for them in the underground scene), and I might ask them more questions I didn’t get to about what I can do for my short films; especially being a broke dude.


Finally went back to training after over two weeks of putting my feet up and limping (and not being able to wear shoes) due to toe injury (and it was driving me nuts). SUPER HAPPY that I finally get back on the mat for Aikido training. With more TLC I should be back to hitting the pads at Muay Thai training next week, and I’m really looking forward to it! :smiley:

A still from training footage that my good friend DexFight shot for me.


I went to NYC finally yayayayay


What was the coolest thing you saw and the best thing you ate?


That’s so cool!!! If you have any places that would be cool to see, can you tell me. I’ll be going to New York in May!


Surprisingly this made me happy, I just can’t imagine a better gift than this, heart-shaped great quality tea :smiley:


I reconnected with old friends. One of my friends (I’ve known him since kindergarten), formed a WhatsApp group with lots of the boys and girls we went to primary school with… I mean we keep in touch through facebook, but it was more passive (looking at what others are doing instead of talking to them), but this chat group was great, especially that we’re all spread over the world. And we even reconnected with some people that we’ve lost contact with because one of us would still be in touch with them. We had a huge chat session with everyone (still going btw, it’s one of those that you just leave to do whatever and then come back and catch up on the conversation).

Apparently my Mum also has lots of these WhatsApp groups with people she went to school with. Anyway, the chat with them made my day. We shared lots of old photos and old stories, as well as catching up on what everyone has been doing :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


The maestro is 85 years young and still composing and conducting after 50 (!!!) Oscar nominations, 100+ film scores, 4 Olympic themes, concert pieces, and many more. I’m happy he’s still with us and hopefully he will be for a lot of years to come. :musical_score:


I have come to this thread a couple of times today to post, only to realize that I was going to write about food. I feel like I post a lot about food here, so I stopped. But no dammit, NO!

Food made me happy today people! FOOD!

York Peppermint Patties ROCK! Coffee is a gift from GOD, and POPCORN is the snack that keeps on giving. I’ll have pieces in my teeth 'till dinner. BOOM!



That is all, but the forum gods demand more text.


I like almost everything food related, so no complaints from me :wink:

Yesterday was the birthday of my role model, but today is the birthday of someone even more important, my mother. Considering the last few years, I’m so happy that she’s still with me. And she’s become a big fan of RocketJump, we’ve watched almost everything together, and now she’s asking constantly about D404 :smiley:


@CFG @SzPeti42 You can jump in here!


Happy Birthday Momma @SzPeti42!!! D404 info is on the way, and you’re gonna LOVE IT!! We wish you all the best this year.


Today I got my telescope (35 cm refractor) license. I’m an official astronomer now :smile:


First of all that’s awesome!

Second of all, I initially misread your post and thought you said “…I’m an official astronaut now” and absolutely thought to myself “…you need more than a telescope to be an astronaut. What about his rocket ship?!” Sheesh.


Finally got the hotel for my New York trip payed for! One step closer!


Oh, I wish… I’m too tall to be an astronaut. I don’t fit in the spacecraft :’(


How tall are you? My husband is 6’7" and he can’t fit anywhere. It’s the worst.


Coolest thing I saw? Midtown Manhattan for sure. Best thing I ate? Dollar Pizza for life haha