What made you happy today?


Thanks! Honestly you’ll find a lot of cool stuff just exploring midtown Manhattan, as well as the piers on the west side highway


Next gen Casey Neistat


God damn, that’s tall. I’m only 6’4 but I live in the Netherlands, which is a country built for tall people, so I don’t have many issues. Seriously, it’s tall paradise over here. I can’t imagine what it would be like in the US.


6’3 here, part of that tall dutch guys squad

Also @Pocket_titan I thought astronaut seats could be made up to men of the 99th percentile, which is 6’6. I don’t know if that’s still the case but don’t let that dream go too soon


The sun is slowly coming back, and I have two weeks of vacations! Yay!


What made me happy today is that my brother won a special Award at an art exibit with one of his work (and more of his work are on display), and he was the youngest of the winners.

It’s a copper etching basically

And as this was not enough, after last year’s foreign Oscar, Golden Globe, and Bafta wins of Saul fia (Son of Saul), this year, in the Berlinale film festival, another Hungarian film, Testről és lélekről (On Body and Soul) won the Golden Bear grand prize. This is the first Hungarian movie since 1974 that has won this prize and Saul was the first Hungarian film since 1982 that’s won an Oscar. This new film was directed by an awesome woman director Enyedi Ildikó.

Seeing that there’s literally no quality commercial movies, romcoms, or blockbuster kind of films here lately (the last attempt at a “modern” comedy to the masses was about a gay guy who gets hit by a motorcycle, turns straight, and falls in love with a women, yes, really :smiley: ), it’s so good to see that in the serious side of the business Hungarian films are coming back strongly, and they can be worldwide success stories.


I’m going to Starbucks. Who want’s anything?

That delish iced coffee (extra ice, 3 splenda, lots of milk) sure does make me happy!!


Is there cake in Starbucks? :birthday: If so, you should send @aoshaw21 some on his special day :wink:


AHHH!! @aoshaw21 is it your birthday!?!


@SzPeti42 Caaaaaakke!!
@CFG Indeed it was. The title of the video doesn’t lie either :cake:


I’m really happy it’s Friday :slight_smile:


While everybody’s talking about Moonlight, La La Land, or the controversies, here I am absolutely delightful that Mindenki (which means “everybody” but was given the title “Sing” in English) won the Oscar for best short film. I think this may be the first time in history that two films made in Hungary have won Oscars in consecutive years. I hope they’ll make a subtitled version available for you to watch (there’s a subbed trailer in the article I’ll link), it’s roughly 25 minutes, so basically the lenght of a sitcom episode.

Kudos for using child actors and making it work, I know how Hollywood basically hates using child actors since EPI, and you have the added bonus of not understanding the language, so you won’t know if the children are talking realistically or not (they do by the way :smiley:).

The story itself I think is timeless and spaceless, it’s universal, mostly about acceptance, elitism vs. participation, friendship through music. And it’s nice to see that they portray young girls listening to orchestral pieces and enjoying them in their free time, it shouldn’t be considered boring, lame, or anything like that.


Today, simply this.


Today was cleaning up day.
Moved a lot of furnitures, got rid of loads of stuff.
I’m exhausted but happy, I feel kinda freed.


Oh man! That can be exhausting but so satisfying. I hope you can rest now in your spiffed up digs. I’ll just go home and pretend to dust before watching TV…


A good friend told my twin brother that he and other friends would club together and get us a Switch for our birthday.
My brother said they shouldn’t (he was right) but still it makes me happy to know they are thinking about us.

I don’t see them often since I transferred to a new high school so it makes me even happier.


I am thrilled that it is once again time for Starburst Jelly Beans. I think regular jelly beans are gross, but these babys are my faaaavorite. Hooray for Easter time candy!!


Today was a productive day!
I didn’t do everything I wanted to but still I didn’t lost any minute.
It changes from days at high-school.


I officialy signed up for the 4th division of the Budapest Tennis League with my friends as part of a team (it’s like the Davis Cup), so I’m going semi-pro, which isn’t something I thought I will ever do when I injured my finger and was sidelined for a whole year.


I started Rebel Without A Crew and it’s a great read.
Also I finally received World Championship of Russian Roulette by @reverendanthony!