What made you happy today?


Today marks one year of being with everyone on the forums. It’s been a little while now and I’ve made so many new friends, shared lots of fun times with y’all and made myself think today “oh boy, pressing ‘sign up’ really was worth it”. Looking forward to spending more years with everyone!

Also, it’s Easter Sunday. So happy Easter everybody :smile:


I’m glad you pressed “sign up” as well Buddy!
Here’s to the years to come :beers:



The folks here make RocketJump a truly special community. Thanks for signing up! We’re glad too!


Pure inspiration.


I was sick today, so my brother decided I needed something to cheer me up. He found twelve B list Kung Fu movies for $5…approximate running time, 17 hours - challenge accepted!


It was a few days ago but it keeps continues as I recently started my own youtube gaming channel and it has slowly started to gain views :grin:


Well look who it is! Nice to have you back Jake.


yo send link plz




Alright Kev couldn’t you have given my Mario Kart videos lol those are better hahaha


Sorry bout it haha


I just got back from a meeting for a local film challenge coming up, and it was pretty sweet to know one of the festival founders remembers me and was asking me how my scripts are going. I was a little nervous at first, since my self esteem issues often get in the way of things, and I automatically think people hate me the second I walk into the room. But, it was really…nice to not have those feelings linger around for too long.

While it’s going to be a hell of a challenge to write a script for my team (since we have to choose between doing a noir, a period piece, and a teen comedy which all have to be family friendly aka the exact opposite of my work for the most part), it sounds like it’s going to be pretty awesome, and I miss the feeling of being on a set again, so this will be my second time unless one of my short scripts finally gets into full on pre-production mode.


This blew my mind but I learned that Minnie Mouses real name is actually Minerva Mouse and Minnie is a nickname! Idky but this just really got to me lol


Donald duck’s full name is Donald Fauntleroy Duck


This, just this.


After 14 years…


Saw a pre-premiere of Edgar Wright’s Baby driver .
that made me happy. I can recommend everyone to watch it :blue_car: :police_car:


Damn, I was gonna start playing the first BG&E next week, is there a release date for the new one yet?
Also Baby Driver looks dope, glad to hear it’s great.


You lucky bastard. Stop hyping it up I’m getting too pumped for this movie!!! First time seeing an edgar wright movie in theaters!


The release of a new song by my favorite underground soundcloud hip hop artist made my day. I know, my music taste is pretty odd. :slight_smile: