What to do next


I am debating on what game to play next any sudjestions


What kind of platform are you on? What kind of genre games do you like?


Ooh what a question!




Bro… Seriously… Hands down its Rocket League.

I know it’s died down here at the office a little, and I see Matt playing some shooting game instead, but Rocket League is by far the best game of all time.


Board the Overwatch train. Make sure you have a lot of free time before starting though…


When it comes to plyr v plyr I gotta agree, it’s still Rocket league for me. For single player story driven action… Mankind Divided.


Thanks Jasper I play supper meat boy from Mario to mega man pretty much any thing


I’ve wanted to play that since it came.out


have you tried N++? It’s a super hard/twitchy platformer, which might be up your alley if you dig Super Meat Boy and Mega Man. Just dropped on Steam, has been out on PS4 for a while.


Thanks I do YouTube videos just search dumpsterman lets play thanks for the input


I plan on playing all of these games look me up on YouTube I go by dumpsterman lets ay and my name is Brandon thank you all


Upvote for Rocket League. Rocket League is best game.


We could make a poll of all the suggestions to see what the community thinks would be the ultimate game to play. I think that’ll be cool!


Yes start the poll that’s a great idea


What are the contenders? Which games?


Bloodborne or any of the souls games are my vote.
11/10 perfect games


You should try Spelunky ! It’s a really good game, and if you want to make let’s plays out of it it’s also really fun to watch. There’s an HD reboot, and the original game is still available for free with cute pixels. So you can try it !


I’m currently playing flywrench, it is both really frustrating and really rewarding. The controls are simple but It gets so difficult!


Here’s the poll !

What game should @Dumpsterman play next ?

  • Street Fighter
  • Rocket League
  • Overwatch
  • Deus Ex Mankind Divided
  • N++
  • Bloodborn (or any of the Souls games)
  • Spelunky
  • Flywrench

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