What would be your Gaming Major?


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GAMERTAG: Your handle
MAJOR: The genre of game you like
REASON: Let us know why

MAJOR: Drift Racing
I dunno about you guys but I like some FPS, Fighting and Racing but if I had to choose, and it’s a tough one, i’d probs go for the DRIFT or FIGHTING Major. There was something about DK that wants to get me back into Drift Racing. Maybe it was his over-the-top speech that drove me to “grab the wheel of destiny”.

So, what say you?


GAMER TAG: Kevanator15


REASON: I love shooters a lot! And I tend to think in pretty good at them and they are really fun! Who doesn’t like fragging noobs?


MAJOR: adventure sandbox games
I love the sheer potential for customized gameplay available in sandbox games. The “adventure” is tacked on there because I prefer sandbox games that give the option of a somewhat linear objective path. Maybe “sandbox” is a major, and “adventure” can be my specialization. :stuck_out_tongue: I also love the fact that sandbox games let me progress at a slow pace and in the way I choose. Aka, I want to beat this boss by getting gear way, way better than the boss and completely altering the terrain so that the boss can’t hurt me? Then I can do that! I like the sense of accomplishment beating bosses gives me, but I’ve always felt really anxious about dying in video games. Adventure sandboxes let me set myself up to succeed despite my lack of video game skill!


I’ve never heard of Sandbox Games before! That is a really awesome!!! I also get the satisfaction from defeating a boss or hitting that apex for maximum points!!


its like GTA or saints row games, and minecraft

GT: Sinisterjd
Major: FPS
I have always loved being an FPS guy Ive played every halo and call of duty and I have a blast playing with friends online in a team. When I really get into the game I can kick ass you can definitely tell when I am just dicking around and when I am playing to win but like everyone out there I have days where I suck and days were I have one of the best runs known to man haha. So I am an FPS gamer all the way.


It was hard for me to choose. I like FPS cos of game tactics and strategy plays. I’ve been getting into some strategic plays for our Dart Tag club aka Nerf! I get off on plans that work! haha! Not that great on console/pc but I can hold my own!! lol!


Yeah, those are free-roam, but they’re almost more shooter than sandbox, since the terrain is not modifiable. (So, not my fav :stuck_out_tongue: ). I like primarily survival sandboxes (think Seven Days to Die) better than shoot-em-up style sandboxes. And I like primarily discovery/adventure sandbox games like Terraria, Crea, Minecraft, Starbound, etc. the best! :slight_smile: That’s why that style would be my specialization :stuck_out_tongue:


GTA Fits into FPS/sandbox right?


Yessir. I get the feeling my sandbox major would have an FPS/sandbox class as a general education requirement probably lol


Well that’s good FPS class would be tops if we were all in it!


I was just giving him examples Nick :stuck_out_tongue: hahaha but lots of games have a crossover so Im sure there would be a few classes that we would have together since as you guys said their are sandbox/fps games


If I was to choose FPS as a major, i’d most likely play Support.


Oh dude thats a tough decision too theres some games where I like being a forward some and some a rear guard(sniper class) and then there are some games where I go commando and play in a way where I use techniques and equipment from every class


I’m an awesome medic I suuuuckkk at sniping haha


Either FPS or RTS, since they’re the only two genres I’ve ever played competitively.

At the moment I’m going ham on CS:GO.


GAMERTAG: Tyjet Sel’ryam, Cosmic_Failure
MAJOR: (Monster) Hunting
Somewhere in my mid-teen years I picked up a copy of Monster Hunter Freedom Unite for my PSP, and shortly after acquiring the game, I think it’s safe to say I was addicted. One of the things that hooked me was the fact that there was no EXP or Levels, just better gear and actual skill (learning a monster’s attack patterns and knowing the best time to counter or dodge).
There is a good amount of excitement to be had when fighting a tough, high speed wyvern (re: Tigrex, Nargacuga), reaching the truly giant Lao Shan Lung (which is large enough that you get to use a castle’s ballista to damage it), or taking on the challenge of fighting two wyverns in a small, open arena.
Felyne Companions were another reason to love Freedom Unite. Somewhat anthropomorphic cats that can wear armor, wield weapons, and join you on the hunting grounds. Hella fun.
God Eater became my favorite Hunting game a while later, with it’s anime style, wonderful music, actual story, speedy character movement, and living weapons that could switch seamlessly between sword and gun forms.
I also have interest in Action/Adventure, RPGs, Strategy/Tactics, and FPS, but Hunting is the genre I think I’ve enjoyed the most.
Sorry for rambling…


GAMERTAG: N0t_A_Doctor
REASON: I love indie games, it think that it’s great that any old person who has the time and the dedication to make a good game can pull something absolutely incredible off, and from that it think we have seen some of the best games of all time come out of that. The Stanley Parable, Gunpoint, FTL & SuperGiant Games’ whole library are examples of that. Also, great storytelling comes into it’s own little niche in indie games and have truly been some of the greatest stories ever told in any medium (looking at you Transistor). Also, FPS, because let’s face it, they’re just fun to play! (also there’s a lot of diversity with them like Dishonored & thief which are stealth games, aka, i’m actually good at them but that’s a discussion for another day)




It seems i’m only ever capable of playing 3 classes of FPS competitively, First and foremost i’m told i’m an excellent medic and i am playing medic in a TF2 competition. Secondly, i play pretty well as an in-your-face, run and gun shotgun style person because i’m good at causing chaos. Finally, i’m a somewhat competent sniper which is good news for everyone who needs a sniper. But i’m with Kev, Medics 4 life.


MAJOR: Sports
Reason: Those seem to be the games I pick up the easiest. Plus. I love sports strategy.