What would be your Gaming Major?


GAMERTAG: martyfnemec_
Reason: While I like shooting games, RPGs have always been my favorite. Whether it’s the JRPGs like Eternal Sonata, the Tales series, pre-FFX-2 Final Fantasy games or the Western RPGs like Mass Effect, Elder Scrolls, and Dragon Age, I’m a huge fan. I’ve been an avid writer and reader from an early age and my brain has always gravitated to them because they are books that you actually PLAY, with a bunch of level-grinding in the middle. There is nothing like a cold, dark beer and an RPG by myself on a weekend night. With a girlfriend and friends, nights like these are extremely rare. FPS games are a close No. 2, though.


Gamertag: RetroSpecter
Major: History
Reason: I love old school 8-bit/ 16-bit games. My personal favorite being Megaman 3


That’s awesome Marty!!! Thanks for sharing that!


No problem. Haha. Good JRPGs are harder to find they used to be. I still haven’t gotten to Tales of Xillia 2 and I’m hoping Persona 5 knocks it out of the park next year. For Western RPGs, Dragon Age 3 comes out in a month and The Witcher 3 is floating on the horizon. I’m going to have a pretty good half-year coming up.


HAHAHA! I just wish there were more drifters out there to compete/jam with!! There’s something about a 45 degree turn into a tight apex that gets me going aye?! I get why DK is so ecstatic about it! Wish he was my Drift tutor! haha!


^this guy gets it^

That’s the same reasons i play RPGs, but surmised a lot better than i would have put it.


Tag - TheManInTan
Game - FPS major in stealth shooters.
Why - Although I mostly game on the 360 now I am usually much more competitive on the PC. Enjoy Tactile and stealth shooters like America’s Army and Tom Clancy. Even on more straight up shooters I excel at melee . The funniest thing is that most of my classes are built around shotguns and extra protection or damage so I can go from stealth to run and gun quick. Helps keep the opposition on their toes!

Would probably minor in RPG or RTS.


Gamertag: EzraStyle
Major: Sandbox
I’m with @Nick, there’s nothing better than being able to manipulate your world while playing. Minecraft is my favourite, but Terraria is a close second and there’s new upcoming games I’ve been looking at. 7 Days is almost too scary for me, as lame as that sounds, although I know a lot about the game from LPing it and I want to play it with friends sometime.
I love the vastness of minecraft, especially with modpacks because then it just becomes infinite and forever interesting.
I also love RTS though so if someone could get working on a Minecraft RTS mod, I’d really appreciate it! XD


GAMERTAG: iNeedShampoo

MAJOR (…can I double major? Haha.): MOBAs or Nintendo

WHY: Although I’m still new to MOBAs, I enjoy the teamwork and strategy attribute of them, as well as being able to play several different champions/heroes. As for Nintendo, well, I really love their games, even though they might seem childish in the eyes of others. I am pretty childish after all.


lol @ Double Major!! I’ve just begun to realise that most of the gamers on here are PC, which is awesome, it’s just I don’t have a PC. I use that for Mo Graph and internet. I’d actually like to do some PC gaming!!! I’m a console gamer. PS3/4 to be exact! I also enjoy the Teamwork attributes to any game that requires it!


I am a PS3/PS4 gamer as well, although I float to PC for certain games. Team Fortress 2 and Torchlight 2 were fun on PC for me. Now I am counting down the days to Dungeon Defenders 2. Outside of those and some other random gems on PC that pop up, I will stick with the consoles. It also makes me much more productive on my PC when I don’t view it as my main gaming platform.


Yeah I am a console gamer mostly Xbox360/One


What’s TITANFALL like!? Cos that game looks friggin awesome!!!


Its like Call Of Duty but with MECHS! Gameplay gets old quick but it’s different for everyone


Its pretty epic I love it I would say its like Halo 4 with the atlas mech and COD like Kev said but I like it


Favorite sandbox? Mine is “Wasteland” MOD on Arma 2.


GAMERTAG: Romandang
MAJOR: Adventure / RPG
REASON: I love to introduce myself in a history/adventure, making my own unique character by leveling up, customizing it, choosing between the differents classes, taking differents ways, differents stats, etc. specially playing it with others, like MMORPGS… I also love FPS and Karting games :B


GAMERTAG: Hydragraphica
REASON: These games are more fun for me especially since a lot of them are fantasy.


I bet that was the pitch for Advanced Warfare.


Probably Terraria. Been playing since 2011 and still excited by it :slight_smile: