What would be your Gaming Major?


What’s MOBA?? Forgive my incompetence…


Multiplayer Online Battle Arena.

Some of the very popular current MOBAs are League of Legends and DotA 2.


Shot for that Marty!


Make it Captain Morgan and I’m in.


At first I didn’t geddit (had to ask a mate) haha! My bad too, “SHOT” is how us kiwi’s here say thanks and awesome!


GAMERTAG: Thefirstbutler
REASON: RTS is just so cool! The matches are long and you don’t have to worry about getting sniped from behind…


BAHAHA! I like that last post!


hahaha very true about the sniping always a pain to watch a kill cam and see thats what did it. BUT I do like playing RTS too so I’d be willing to go to an RTS class every once in a while!


GAMERTAG: Holysaber or Cramdaddy
MAJOR: FPS (As a sniper: Coming for you Jenny)
REASON: First game i played on my brothers 360 was halo 3 and then moved to my own 360 and played cod non stop and then came battlefield which i just loved the real aspect of the game.


GAMERTAG: Wreckner or FR4GGIT (I flip between the two)
MAJOR: FPS but for some reason im really really good at racing games. i dont even know why
REASON: i just love the action and fast paced gameplay


Dude, you ever play Split Second? That game has some pretty good Hollywood-styled action with an epic soundtrack - AND LENS FLARES!!!


This comment made me want to install it back on my steam library. So, thank you.


GT: Legato Gelato
Major: MOBA
Reason: I consider myself to be a team player. I will execute what needs to be done in order to achieve victory. Although the multi-player online battle arena community itself is pretty bad, I believe that if you find the right team and group, any team can succeed. It’s also fun to play and learn off of what you do.


Very true. Nowadays, I play games with a close knit of friends in my Warbound Clan. We’re not competitive. Purely for fun! There’ nothing like working as a unit working towards one objective. We thrive off co-op and Squad unity. It’s freakin’ awesome when you complete the mission(s) at hand! GO TEAMWORK!


“Okay, I’m smooth and glossy,
And frosty as autumn in Oslo
When the temperature drops as low
As the cost of shopping at Costco
Fluid and easy and keeping it cool
Like I’m eating a soup of gazpacho
’Cause I do it legato with a scoop of gelato.”


GAMERTAG: Gender Dysphoria, or The Natalier (I switch back and forth on Steam)
MAJOR: Tetris - Puzzle Games. Alternatively, class-based FPSes.
REASON: I’m really good at Tetris, and I play a pretty great Engineer.


Gamertag: IMPIRILE
Major: Strategy/FPS
Reason: I’ve been fraggin’ noobs since I was 11. And fell in love with FPS. But my brother introduced me to stratedy from a very early age.


Gamertag: ElNino_Lupe12

Major: FPS & Fighting. A double major

Reason: I love me some FPS. My focus is 100000 on point when looking in the screen and I never get tired. Fighting is different from FPS. I actually focus on the strategy of my opponent when we start and then built my own strategy for my opponent. At first i didn’t love fighting games but then grow on me this past year when facing my friends in Soul Calibur.


You have PS4? We could jam BF4? Join our VGHS platoon if you’re not in one! :smile:


The last Battlefield I owned was BF3 for PC, and I kind of enjoyed it, but not enough to buy the fourth installment. Unfortunately, I am not a console gamer anymore.