What would be your Gaming Major?


GT: RedArmyECS (xboxone)

Major: MMO/RPG


Gamer tag: JackD
Major: FPS or platforming or adventure
Reason: I kinda like FPS and I’m okay at it but I have also always liked platforming/adventure games.


GAMERTAG: colespock
Living out a would that’s cool, but being the hero… or villein, is the best! Saving the worlds from dragons to blowing up a town with a nuke, whats not to like?


Reasons: When i get behind that steering wheel it gets real and when comes to recon,sniping or going assassin creed style missions or even going commando i’m their.



REASON:I have been playing FPS (COD) since I was 5, My first game was MW1 and I wrecked it so I have bought every game since and just picking up on BF4 AND FC4


GAMERTAG: CaptainCanada
MAJOR: Drift Racing
REASON: I am currently one of the highest ranked Forza 4 racers out there, and I am above the professional level for Forza racers. I own a car club and we’ve won multiple drift competitions and races against other teams. I love me a good car game, and to play a racing video game for school would be incredibly fun.

“A butt ye may be Theodore, but an honest butt at that.”



Major: Sandbox (Non- linear), FPS, MMORPG’S, and IOS development

I like Nicks reasoning of Sandbox games (non-linear) in their development of real time gaming, story line masking and MMPORG’S of free planes in fantasy is the best… To many times FPS are defined with linear goals…even in GTA, and Saints Row can be somewhat defined as Linear; in that, its not a real free plane,but fixed to the “3”'s (shooting,mayhem, and destruction)…Don’t get me wrong, i still love a good FPS game in tactics like "Call of Duty, Titan Fall, Bio Shock (my fav.), Wolfenstein "… I just like a little story and criteria’s with my games; , if its fps…

I love Sandbox games that have strategy,tactics, team member (free wills),some back story, and where you can manipulate your own objectives in the game itself. MMPORG’S are the best in this sense. This is the future of gaming. The only thing i dislike about Non Linear or some Sandbox games, is that they sometimes have to much strategy in them; in that it takes over the game (read a book, collect so many maps, find a key,etc…then your stuck); and then it becomes boring…Developers are noticing this though :sunglasses: I have a lot of Sandbox games. (2 many to list). Some of my older Fantasy Sandbox games include Warband, Far Cry 4, Arma 3, Eve, and Elder Scrolls 3. Games that have fun placed with (rpg), fps tactics and a lot of strategy are :dart: .

“Games should be all about fun- #1 rule”…I guess its a mixture of both tactics and strategy’s in my fantasy games (sci-fi, and mythical fantasy)…I am also a big believer of IOS game development in mobile apps. and smaller studio gaming developments. /whew!




REASON: Love the tactics to the game and fun in First Person Shooters. Great chance to play with friends in a team and there is something to be said about the thrill of being in a battlefield without the pressure of reality in the situation.


GAMERTAG: NegothsOnlyCleric

MAJOR: Gah! So hard!! RPG, FPS, or fighting

REASON: I play a lot of different games, but haven’t really found a favorite. I am good at a variety of genres, and I enjoy playing all of them! I like fast-paced gaming that requires strategy and tend to hold up better in fighting games than FPS when playing against people other than my family. For that reason, I also like MOBAs but those can get a little chaotic for me; it’s nice to just have to case one opponent. And I’ve always loved RPGs and open world aspects. I play some RTS, and I enjoy it, but I don’t consider myself to be very good. Truth be told, I’d probably be in school longer than 4 years because I would be undecided :stuck_out_tongue:


GAMERTAG: RadDarkthor5
REASON: Leveling up, going on quests, fighting monsters, all in a day’s work!


My GamerTag (PS): angelogalam
Major: FPS
Reason: I’ve played shooters since I got my wii (MW2 & BO) and they’ve always been entertaining, it’s an awesome feeling to get new weapons, perks, extras and leveling up.


MAJOR:Rogue likes
REASON:Well really its because I’m not great at shooters, suck at racing, not good at MOBAS, meh with pretty much everything else, But the rogue like, that is something I can get behind. I mean to me it great because every run is different, no two runs will be exact same and were most shooters and racing games (at least the once ive seen) are close to the same with small differences but rogue likes can be far different from one another like binding of issac isnt anything close to hand of fate or ironcast (all really good games)


GAMERTAG: Rekedens
REASON: I always liked FPS. The teamwork, the action, the emotion. The strategy. The tactics. All of it.


I have always been playing fps, and really i just want to be in the pros, i wanna be like brian, he is like my hero. :smile:


GAMERTAG: ghostface2015xx
REASON: I have absolutely no idea. I guess I just love shooting games! And the tactics.


Gamertag: Deldour
Major: RPG
Reason: I’m a part of a site called Halo Archive, its full of lore junkies of the game Halo and I’m proud to be one of them. However, I love playing games with great stories in general. Be it Dragon Age, Skyrim, WOW (may be an MMO, but still an RPG), Fallout, and a variety of others. I play Dungeons and Dragons too and I love getting into character, no matter how nerdy that is. I can see myself just having a lot of fun there if it were real.

Obviously though, I’d play the other genres on my freetime because I love shooters, MMOs, and RTS games. Racing is kinda meh, but if friends want to play it I’m fine with it.


GAMERTAG: Mister_Tin
REASON: I actually love fighting, drift racing and RPG, but if I would have to choose one it would be RPG as you get to see a bigger universe and adventure. You also get more involved with the story as you get into the character. And most of the time, in a RPG, the hero fights and sometimes drives…


MAJOR: School of Adventure and Exploration, RPGs
REASON: With movies you’re presented with a world and exposed to it at the filmmakers pace, and with shooters its the same way. This is why I love RPGs specifically the huge sandbox kinds like Skyrim and Fallout and Witcher. Your given a world, amazingly vast and intricate and then left to your own devises, free to adventure and explore as you see fit. Uncovering lore and diving deep into quest lines, for me that’s way more satisfying than and no-scope could ever be. (not to say shooters are bad, they just don’t have what I’m looking for)


Drifter I see!!! Nice!!


GAMERTAG: TruncatedCavalier
MAJOR:Bullet Hell/Roguelike Games
REASON: It’s a fun genre with difficult gameplay but is quite fun and addicting. 'Nuff said.