What would be your Gaming Major?


also enter the gungeon, but that’s more of a bullet hell than a roguelike. it is a randomly generated world though, so that’s something in common.


GAMERTAG: TheHoodedFox
REASON: It’s is pretty much the only genre I play anymore


GAMERTAG: LaurasaurusRex
MAJOR: Puzzle Gamer or Platformer!
REASON: I’m terrible at first person anything. But I LOVE puzzles and platforming games.


GAMERTAG: ToniSparks (my roller derby name)
MAJOR: RPG/MMO in the School of Adventure & Discovery, because I’m a huge nerd and looked it up
REASON: because the games I’ve always been best at and love the most are MMOs like WoW and Guns of Icarus, and RPGs like Borderlands and Bioshock. It’s all about the game yo.