What Y'all think of my Show Reel?


Hello RJFS!

So, can y’all tell me if my Show Reel works? In a sense of I give both my work and the way I do films, but also my storytelling abilities.

Well… There’s not much to say other than thanks for the feedback!


It’s not clear to me what role (s) you filled in these projects. I think titles and longer examples of specific productions would make for a clearer picture of your abilities.
I also think you should try to bring it back to a maximum of two minutes. Select only your best work, show longer examples, specify how you affected those scenes (what was your role).
Don’t throw a lot of mismatched snippets together over some calm music, I don’t think that gives the best representation of who you are and what you’re capable of.

Lastly the BTS snippets where cool but they don’t fit in a show reel. They fit in a BTS reel, for those who are interested in how you did something.

Hope this helps you.