What's everyone playing


Hey I was hoping this could be a thread where we talk about the games were currently playing and recommend them to each other.

I just started playing “Hyper Light Drifter” on the playstation 4 and it’s awesome. If you’re a fan of old school legend of Zelda style games you should definitely give it a go!


Chrono Trigger! For the DS!


Star Wars Battlefront (PS4)! I loved the first two and EA’s edition is pretty impressive.

Lucasarts made a third, but never realeased it. I think some fans are finishing it off and it’ll be a free download or something.

Must also add Minecraft, Roblox, Sims and Age of Empires




Overwatch. CSGO. GTA V. PayDay 2. BF4. Brawlhalla. And of course… Minecraft.


It was Free Radical that did Battlefront 3, the same studio started by former Rare employees from the GoldenEye team that did the Timesplitters series (and the reportedly terrible Haze, which I haven’t played).

I’m downloading the new Doom patch right now (gonna goof around with the new Hell tileset in Snap Map for a few minutes probably), and I’m on-and-off playing Hyrule Warriors on 3DS as a waiting room time-killer. Insane amount of stuff to unlock in that game; it’s absolutely absurd.


The From Software games and I have an almost abusive relationship at this point


I was disappointed in the lack of content in the EA addition of Battlefront it didn’t seem to be worth the money to me


“Beyond good and evil” on the ps2
"poly bridge"
and some Roblox “phantom forces” from time to time.
Waiting for a laptop to unleash my steam library on (can’t funking wait!)


It definitely has some new cool stuff but I agree that it is too like Battlefield and we are missing some essentials from the original


I bought that game on WiiU when it went out and I felt like I had wasted my money.
But that’s probably a great time-killer on a portable console, maybe the best on 3DS.


I gave up video games a while ago (sold my Xbox and Play Station) and try to put my focus to making videos but I still play at my friends’ houses.

Overwatch is probably my favorite at the moment. It’s TF2 but so much better because of the graphics, more characters and it’s an overall really fun game.


I really dig how much color is in the game and how up beat it is. Such a good turn from all the dark and gritty FPS games these days.


Again I just have the same problem with it that I had with Battlefront there just wasn’t enough content to justify the price


It works really well as a portable title; I’d imagine better than as a console game? 3DS was also cheaper and had all console DLC included free, plus additional Wind Waker campaign and Adventure content, plus new DLC, and oh my god I’ve wasted so much time


I’ve started playing vanquish on the PS3. I’m liking what I’m playing so far. I’m thinking of going through other last gen games that I missed(especially now since their pretty cheap.)


Totally Accurate Battle Simulator just went into open alpha, so I’ll definitely be giving it a go.


Today is my birthday & I have tomorrow off work to play Horizon Zero Dawn. Looks good & am looking forward to it


Yeah, it looks really good.
Honestly that game made me think about getting a PS4.

Enjoy your game session!


Happy birthday by the way!