Where must be shots placed


Hello RocketJump-Community,

The last days I paid attention to shots in screenplays. You know full shot, medium shot, close shot, etc. The perspectives can support the pictures—and the story, too.
So, I wanna use it in my screenplays. But I haven’t any idea where the shots have to be placed.
Because I dunno, I wrote two examples and you say which is right:


_Int. cinema hall _


Weronika put the 3d-glass on.



Int. cinema hall – Weronika’s POV

Weronika put the 3d glass on


#1 is how it’s usually done. However, keep in mind you typically don’t write camera angles in a screenplay, unless it’s absolutely necessary for story reasons. You can obviously make more exceptions if you’re writing something you’re shooting yourself, but it’s typically considered unnecessary and sometimes an over-reach of the writer to include camera description. The dialogue and action should naturally encourage and suggest ways it could be shot!