Where to get SOUND EFFECTS?


Where is the best place to download free sound effects? Like Gun sounds, blood splatters, glass shattering, punching/fighting, and ambient background sounds?

Thank You! :wink:

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My go to is usually Soundbible or Freesound.


Film riot, corridor digital, and indie mogul all have a few freebies spread around some of their videos I believe. You can typically learn how to get some of your own stuff at the same time.

I like newgrounds when I’m searching for music though.


You can also find a lot of video game and movie sound effects on YouTube, which should be fine to use if you’re not monetizing your videos. Sound library websites like Sonniss.com will also put out free sound packs from time to time, but that requires a bit more active checking to see when things are available.


A lot of times I record my own sounds if it is something as simple as footsteps or cloth-rustling, but Freesound.org, Soundbible.com, Soundeffectsnow.com, Sweetsoundeffects.com are free. If you would like to get a lot better sound effects but for money, definitely check out the Film Riot store (http://triune-store.myshopify.com/). Also, if you have any friends online or IRL who are into the sound stuff, they probably have their own library of sound effects they record, that you could use. Hope this helps!

Edit: Also, for free music, I strongly suggest Incompetech.com, Freesfx.com, Machinimasound.com, Joshwoodward.com, and YouTube channels that create royalty free music such as this one: https://www.youtube.com/user/ByeByeCopyright


Since, copyright is a bitch…I usually get background music and sound effects from Youtube Creation Tool. It’s not too bad, I mean, sure it’s not as good as Twostepsfromhell but it’s pretty convinient and it’s free to! Plus, it’s sorted into a lot of categories like instrument, genre, mood and etc. Go to VIDEO MANAGER, Then CREATE and there you go choose! :smiley:


Thank You everyone! Helps me a ton! Thank you! :smile:


This is a dumb and snotty response, but the real world is a great place and you can find so many free sound effects there! Bring out your recorder (or just your camera with inboard mic or cellphone) and do some sampling or make some foley! Its actually really fun.


@BDHTaylor Yeah thats what i have been doing! I needed a squishy blood sound effect so i get a watermelon and stepped on it and then squeezed it with my hands! Got some really cool sounds!

Thank you!


That is awesome! Haha I want to hear that under the video it probably sounds gnarly AF


I used a mix of watermelon, cantaloupe and celery for the zombie bites in the RJFS launch trailer! Food violence is great stuff :stuck_out_tongue:


The Evil Within had a great BTS filled with food violence.


@Kevin_Senzaki hahahaha! Thats awesome!! Thanks for all the tips mate! Also love what your doing with helping everyone! Thank you!


I’ve seen it! I want to try recording with konnyaku because of it.


Hey everyone and Rocketjump,
I love making short films, but an issue I run into often is most free sound effects are pretty crappy. There’s a few good ones but for the most part they aren’t good. I have some sound packs from video copilot as well as a cool fight sound fx pack (hand combat).
Does anyone know of any good quality sound fx packs for free or cheap? What sound packs do you use at rocketjump? I currently am hoping for good gun/weapon sounds, I found a couple free gun sound packs but they contain sounds ripped from video games sounds. Thats not what I want, they’re good quality but don’t sound that real, they sound like a video game. I would love to know about other packs as well. I do not want to buy individual sounds since thats a pain, I would rather have a whole pack so I have options of different versions of each sound (like several pistol sounds, and so on).
@Kevin_Senzaki I would love your assistance or even a video about stock sound effects.

Feel free to check out some of my work at www.eyemcreative.com or https://www.youtube.com/user/eyemcreative.



Have you tried Film Riot’s Gun SFX Pack? They have multiple packs that are broken down, so it can fit most budgets.


Hope it helps!


Hey dude, you can check this out: http://www.boomlibrary.com/boomlibrary/
They’re not really cheap, but really great products.


Custom Game Sound Effects. css gamebanana has lots of action sound effects that are really good for a creative commons license. Freddie got his aimbot m4 sound from there!


Hey Evan,

Since you specifically mentioned guns and weapons, here’s a few further thoughts:

If you saw the Sound Gun video on sound design, the most basic rule to getting effective, powerful sounds is to use layering. Even high-quality assets (like stuff from Boom Library) won’t always work great on their own (and professional material from places like Boom will be pre-made out of a lot of layers to begin with). You’re looking for elements you can combine together to create the sounds you want (consider pitch, texture, and other qualities), similar to how you’d do for visual effects - tackling a problem in pieces is a lot easier than looking for one singular solution.

Here’s a video regarding the gun layering I did for VGHS, linked here.

And here’s a second video more broadly including some free tips and software suggestions for sound design.

Sound libraries is definitely something crucial to address at RJFS, and it’s something I’m looking to address, as well as providing some downloadable assets as we move forward.


Sounddogs has a good selection of sounds http://www.sounddogs.com/