Where to get SOUND EFFECTS?


If anyone ever needs super specific bird sounds, all the birds ever.

Sound Design for Cartoony Fight Scenes - OFFICIAL DISCUSSION

Also, some birds (particularly macaws) are great for monster voices. I used a couple quick macaw clips in “The Rush” for the part of the Zergling on the roof’s vocalizations.


Hey guys, I could use some sound advice!

So me and my editor are wrapping up post-production of a short film I directed (it involves a swordfight and a chase through a forest), and I watched the rough cut and a lot of the realism was taken out for me because there was very little SFX–most of the audio from the first shooting day was unusable–so the only SFX is a tiny bit of nature sounds (not enough) and the swords hitting each other–which sounds really lame, because all you hear is “plink plink plink”…the second shooting day was better, but the audio doesn’t feel very effective to me. The film needs a lot more punch to it…

I recorded some sounds with my camera, but apparently my camera has a poor microphone. The sword sounds we made were dull (me and my Dad hammered a small metal weight on a metal rod with a metal wrench, and it doesn’t ring true to me), and the forest sounds I recorded don’t match the chase scene…at all.

I’m thinking I could get a SFX pack of some kind–but it’s hard to find something non-generic and “fitting” for the film. Does anyone have any resources/advice on foley I could use? Thank you.


There’s some solid suggestions above, but it helps knowing what to look for - here’s some suggestions for search terms on some of the above sites people have listed:

For swords:
“Sword shing” (also try with “knife”)
“Sword ring” (also try with “knife”)
Sword whoosh (also try whoosh by itself, and “arm whoosh,” “punch whoosh,” “kick whoosh,” and “cloth whoosh”)
Sword draw
Sword sheathe
Sword impact
Metal impact
Sword rattling
Sword handling
Sword drop
Impact sweetener
Heavy impact

You can swap the word “sword” out for “cloth” if you have a lot of character movement, capes, etc.

For the backgrounds:
Nature ambience / nature ambient
Try other adjectives as you see fit like “forest,” “birds,” etc.
I’d also recommend “light wind,” “wind trees,” etc. since a constant subtle wind track helps a lot in most “outdoor wilderness” scenes.


additionally what helps to build the tension in scenes like this and keep them exciting is music. if you want to amp up the excitement in a chase/fight scene don’t forget about the wonders a score can add to your film


@knifebladepresents here’s a page I have used in the past. Decent quality, and you can layer them as suggested by @Kevin_Senzaki. Plus they’re free.

Few different categories, and a stack of assets to help build up your sound library.


If you’re looking for fighting sounds, here are a bunch of freebies in the mayhem category: http://www.flashkit.com/soundfx/Mayhem/


Awesome thank you very much! (Lol late reply)

I did mention gun sounds, but also want to collect all kinds of sounds. I definitely have tried layering and it does really help, but a lot of times when I find sounds for free, the quality isnt very good, sometimes there’s noise or its echoey sounding (especially a lot of sounddogs sounds). I am extremely pleased with the fight sounds pack I have and it would be cool to find more stuff like it.

I will definitely check out Boom Library. It would also be cool if you created a RJFS official sound library with a selection sounds you’ve made for Rocketjump videos and stuff like that. I would definitely buy something like that. What could be cool if you did that would be to include a list of how the sounds were made and what they were made for (such as celery chewing/zombie sound).

Thanks a bunch,
Evan Tillett


Also @Nick thank you for the birds, haha


@Kevin_Senzaki So looking at Boom, it is definitely not a cheap option. I may look into it in the future, but for now its out of my budget. Do you (or anyone else) have any recommendations for low-medium budget sounds?

I want better quality and selection than free, but I want affordable as well, such as a $15-50 range pack of sounds? Any thoughts anyone?

A RJFS sound pack would be really awesome. :smiley:


I think in general this is a challenging spot for independent and learning filmmakers; the above suggestions in this thread so far have encompassed a lot of the currently existing options.

RJFS sound packs are something we’ve been discussing for some time, and, without making any specific promises right now (as to what exactly that will entail), I will say that we’re working on it, and we should have something in the near future.

Without specifically saying what “near future” means, I’d say that means “in a few months” - not weeks, not years. :stuck_out_tongue:


Awesome, I definitely look forward to that! Thank you very much for your advice.


Thanks heaps! On top of this, does anyone have any great sound effect resources specifically for making Trailers that they want to share?


In general, trailers use a lot of “risers,” “stingers,” and “hits,” if that helps you keyword-wise! It’s mostly abstract stuff, but it tends to be built out of a lot of metal (swinging chains, slams), fire, (explosions and flame whooshes), bass drops and rumbles (often synthesized/electronic), and human breaths, among other things. It can be time-consuming to build them from scratch, but try the above keywords, plus maybe a general search for “trailer sounds.” Definitely feel free to share if you find any good resources!


I find the “Inception Horn” makes for a very versatile sound that features in a lot of modern blockbuster trailers.


It is important to note though that it can be over used so use it sparingly https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=830I9w7I7wM


Paul’s Extreme Sound Stretch, which is a free program, is a fun and sometimes really useful tool for creating “inception horn”-style elements.


Wow this thread is a huge help to me. I already have bought some nice sound packs (Film Riot has some great packs if you have a little bit of money), but now it looks like I have a lot more sources thanks to you guys :stuck_out_tongue:


Does ‘burps’ count as a sound effect? you can find some at http://www.freemusicpublicdomain.com/ but they specialize in vocal and instrumental music. It’s all free.


Hi Kevin am loving all of your advice on here!

I’m currently making a short film about wizards (for 18 months now, sigh) and am really struggling getting the right sounds for the wand attacks. Here’s the trailer…

Do you know any good libraries that would be helpful for this? We’d like to incorporate different elements into the attacks such as fire, lightening and wind. Any advice would be awesome!