Where to get SOUND EFFECTS?


Hey ! You might be interested by this :slight_smile:


Triune Films has a massive black friday sale going on right nownon sound and music oacks (and other digital stuff).

Not free but still.


Nice share, @Pablo! :stuck_out_tongue: Anyway, @BrotherInCrime, the above video breaks down the creative process on how I’ve previously built some similar magic-like effects, so that might be a good starting point, at least creatively!

If you’re on a budget (i.e., looking for free stuff), I’d recommend going through some of the free websites listed in this thread above, and then try gathering sounds around a few keywords. This may take a full afternoon to do, but it’ll save you time in the long run if you gather a bunch of raw material that might be useful to you upfront - having a good amount of material readily available is the starting point for getting into the creative design work.

Per your mentions, I’d definitely look for stuff around the keywords “fire,” “lightning,” “thunder,” and “wind.”

Off of some of the examples in the video Pablo linked, I’d also suggest trying for:

-bullet by, bullet ricochet, bullet whiz, bullet zip
-flame whoosh, flame, torch, spark
-impact, impact sweetener, hit, kick
-explosion, firework, firecracker
-laser, laser gun, energy, sci-fi
-lion roar, animal roars, dragons, etc.
-rumbles, bass rumbles, rumbling

If you have any specific questions about specific cues or anything, feel free to let me know!


ASoundEffect.com is giving away over 1000 free sounds for the holidays - go snag 'em!


Update: I’ve downloaded it for myself and am going through what’s in here - it’s got some pretty sweet stuff, from foley to some solid sci-fi weaponry! Senzaki-recommended.


I know this thread is a wee bit old but I’ll drop some info here for anyone else. I really like sounds-resource.com Sounds ripped from hundreds of video games. You can build up quite the collection.


Id be catefull here… ripped from games = copyright violation.


Like like like like like.
Used sounds from this library recently to simulate a character getting stabbed, and they enhanced the viewing experience, SO much.
Absolutely worth the money.


U can download nice sound effects from this site https://www.lucidsamples.com/free-sample-packs/181-free-sound-effects-sfx-pack.html


BBC put out 16,000 sound effects for free use on not-for-profit projects!



Freesound.org is what I use. People upload all kinds of sound effects under the gpl licence.


Yeah freesound has a lot of stuff. That’s probably also why it was already mentioned in the second post of this thread :wink:


Articulated Sound Effects Library is a new and ever-growing source for quality sfx and ambiences. There are also free sounds to download on the same interface! Hope it can be usefull! Have a nice day!