Which system should I use, OSX or Windows?


Hey guys, I love doing VFX very much.
In recent, I want to buy a new computer but I don’t know what system should I buy.
If I want to do lots of visual effects by using AE and some 3D softwares, which is the best choice, Windows or OSX?

P.S. I have about 2000USD budget.

Feel free to give me some suggestions.
Thanks guys!


There’s a few threads on PC construction and choice, some good information in them.

From my perspective, if you’ve got that particular budget, I’m of the opinion that a Windows PC will serve you far more effectively in the long run. The level of cross-compatibility is fairly high, as you can use editors like Avid or Premiere on both platforms without any conversion issues, with Final Cut is Mac exclusive. Windows will also be cheaper to build to get a high specc’d machine, in comparison to a similar spec iMac or Mac Pro. But these days, while my preference is for Windows, the best platform is the one you can work on efficiently and effectively.


If that’s your budget, I would go PC. Really, all systems will be adequate. It’s mainly personal preference. I’m on OSX but my computer cost me $3,500. You should build a PC, and then you can always upgrade individual parts in the future as you get more money. Compared to getting too cheap of a Mac now and not being able to upgrade anything moving forward.