White rooms?


So I am planning on starting production for a short film soon, but the location for the short is a white room that could fit a bed, a night stand, and room for the actor to move around in. Any suggestions for location ideas that would fit the description of “white room”? :joy: I was thinking like a large storage unit, but I don’t know how the logistics of that would work out. Thanks!


If you could find a place to put it then you could build it, like a set.


A few questions/thoughts for you:

Do you mean completely white walls? Would a normal room in a house painted white not work?

Do you know what all your coverage is going to be? Do you know what kind of shots you need - how many walls do we need to be able to see at once in the widest shots, do we need to see the ceiling ever, etc.

Also, what kind of lighting do you need for your scene? This will be important to keep in mind as you look for places, or if you build it as a small set.

The more specifics you can lock down in advance, the easier it’ll make it to decide if a potential location is appropriate for you. It can often be difficult to find the perfect location, but if you have a plan, you can at least make informed changes to that plan to fit what you have to work with.