Whitebeard In Real Life


This one’s for all the One Piece fans out there. Filmed with the latest iPhone and moving through the god-send that is the adobe creative suite, I was able to bring to life the power of the legendary pirate emperor. Hope you like it!


That was funny dude! Good editing, the only thing that would make it better for me is if you hopped across the street because of all the cracks


Agreed. Apart from that, glad you liked it!



Just a few things that stood out to me. (take in mind these are fairly nitpicky on a genuinely well-made video)

Start with the things I liked:

1: The timing was perfect for a comedic setting, loved it!

2: The cracks in reality were very well done, composited very nicely and matched the look of the scene flawlessly. (loved the distortion for the separate shards!)

3: camera work is very well done for shot on iPhone, beautiful focus and excellent shot movement. (looking at you dolly zoom)

Some things I think could use a little bit of tweaking.

1: Things seemed slightly over-exposed in the beginning shots. seems like a lot of texture detail in the concrete and wall was lost from over lighting.

2: The fire in the background plate of the final shot seems upscaled, I would have liked to have seen a sharper effect, perhaps slowed down to about 85%. Larger things generally move slower and the same applies to fire. for something that looks ~35 feet tall to move so fast is slightly distracting and pulls the eye away from the main features of the shot.

3: Never be afraid to layer effects, the cracks in the ground look great, but I would have liked to have seen some particulate floating, a general rule I like to use is cause and effect. Cause being the cracks, the associated effect being dust or fog.

4: Apply a curves to the final shot, try to compress the whites and blacks a little. “Doomsday” shots generally contain dark blacks, and muted whites (of course this is all stylistic). I’m not familiar with the dynamic range of the new iPhone, but if a shot like this arises again, I would try to underexpose slightly.

Finally, I’d like to point out that there is a good bit of sway in the tracking, I’m sure this is something you were aware of, and it really is something that is surprisingly hard to fix if a shot really defies to cooperate with you.

All-in-all, a funny short that exercises great camera work, fantastic compositing and exceptional timing. If only lacking in technical departments. A couple of slight tweaks and I think you have a great video on your hands.


Thank you so much nukes2all!