Who's going to watch ABC's Quantico?


I originally wasn’t going to watch it but then I realized Johanna Braddy was going to be in it and I saw a clip of her sniping and the vghs feels convinced me to give it a shot


I’ll be watching the first few episodes at least, same as with most new shows that interest me as the Fall season gets going.


So, how was it? I was planning on giving it a shot but was holding off until I could marathon a season during a weekend.


Best show ever!!! And its got out girl Johanna Brady in it. Can’t get better than that!


I decided to finally watch the first season on Netflix, BEST DECISION EVER!
Finished it in 2 days, so many twists! Give it a shot if you haven’t already, surprisingly some VGHS vibes coming from this show at certain points.

SOME not a lot just SOME! Just wanted to clarify haha


Watched the first half of Season 1 on Netflix over the last week.

For me, Quantico feels like a weird lovechild of 24 and The OC (or your average CW/Fox young adult drama). All the action/conspiracy/page-turner-ness of 24 with all the relationship drama of The OC. Also, Quantico apparently doesn’t admit normal-looking people.


Yea they are all way too attractive for the FBI