Will this site get updated soon?


There is just a bunch of things that are not working anymore, such as:

  • Main site/front page still says that there is a sale going on even though the store is now gone

  • The shop is no longer a thing and takes you a closed store, maybe add a the store is now closed thing or disable/take away the store button

  • Add recent podcast(s) such as dungeons and daddies

  • School tab doesn’t work (remove,fix or replace)

  • You can not see the school tab or the main menu tab when in the community discussion tab/area

  • maybe add an update to what is going on with the state of rocketjump currently to answer some peoples commonly asked questions

Sorry bout it sort of sounding like demands btw


Well, Rocket Jump now is a small structure with a minimum number of employees which are not doing IT work, plus the site probably doesn’t have as much traffic as it used to so I understand why those changes haven’t been made.
Thanks for pointing them out though, maybe it’ll be noticed