Windmills ( short mood film (


Hi there,

I recently made this short film about the windmills in The Netherlands,
Just want to know your opinions.
Is it boring? Is it fun? Is it too slow? Those kind of things!

Tip turn up the volume to the max.

Password WINDMILLS Version 1 Version 2


I dig the aesthetic, especially the colour grade on this is lovely. I’m less sure about the handheld cam though I can see how that emulated the wind a bit.
I liked the first over the second, but neither really worked for me. The rhythm of the edit wasn’t really to be found for me and while the shots by their selves are really pretty and share a locational relationship they don’t come together in a cohesive film.

It feels like you might be trying to do a modern Joris Ivens (De Brug) but it lacks the deft eye for composition and motion and how it’s brought together in the edit as well as how much that shows different perspectives.

I’d have liked it more if you had really made this about the windmills, but I’m a sucker for good titles, so maybe it’s because it doesn’t completely live up to the title.

Anyhow again want to stress that I think the shots are gorgeous. And I wish you well on the next one.


Hi there Jasper,

Thanks for the brilliant feedback on this one. I will try to find a better rhythm in the edit and make it more cohesive like you said. The video of Joris Ivens is a nice inspiration for the video!