Wizard Battle 3.0


Hey guys! Made a new Wizard Battle video. Don’t know why, but we did. Any feedback is appreciated!


I don’t really have much to comment, but 0:54 was brilliant. Well done!


There’s a bunch of good things, but I feel like you could really lift it to another level with spending even more time on the sound. There’s some thought in that but there’s room for a lot more.
This is basically a fight and you’ve got a couple of hits in there that just aren’t connecting. You need a little more impact.
I think you’ve improved from wb 2.0, keep growing.


Thanks Man! Yeah, I definitely agree. Sound is a weak point for me. Thank you for the feedback!


I like this a lot. I think you need to pace it faster. Also one of the jump cuts where he teleported was quite obvious. You could have hidden the cut much better inside the whip pan.


Well I think one of the biggest issues is the guitar guy’s motivation. It’s almost like he is “on the same team” as those other two guys but by the end he has betrayed his “friend” for no apparent reason. You could relatively easily replace 2:23 -> onward with some sort of wide angle showing him helping up the guy on the ground with the other guy laying on the ground splattered in blood, possibly even juxtapose the guitar guy lifting the other guy up by having guitar guy completely covered in blood. Alternatively give guitar guy some sort of motivation for killing his “teammate” or re-shoot the scene where everyone walks up to have them walk up separately. I will say I love the worm shot of guitar guy beating the crap out of the other guy with a tiny guitar.


Thanks! Yeah, when I got back and was editing that part, I slowly started devolving into a state of cringe because of how obvious it was :joy:


Yeah, I definitely agree. The goal of the whole hitting the teammate part was to just kind of be like Guitar Guy is kind of in rampage mode and is just beating up everybody. But, we will definitely try to make things like that clearer in future videos :grinning:


no worries. you live and learn and the next one will be better.