Working at Rocketjump


I was wondering if there was any particular way to get a job at Rocketjump? I’d love to work there when im abit older! But i was just wondering if it was possible?


Get in line buddy haha not likely at this point they’re are not looking for anyone to hire

If they were I would know :wink:

All we can do is wait!


Do you work at Rocketjump?? And who should i speak to about job opportunities in the future??


No sir I do not :smile:

I wish I did but I’m really not sure who to contact if one were looking for work there


Oh okay! Thank you though!


Like @Kevin_Nguyen said, RocketJump isn’t looking for anyone right now, if so, we would know haha. There are possible ways that you can work with RocketJump, but you have to get in line with a bunch of other talented people, willing to spend all of their time on helping RocketJump with stuff. However, from what I’ve heard, I think they might have an internship program, but we haven’t recieved a whole ton of info on that. @Jake_Rodriguez was an intern there, I’ve talked to him about it before, he said that he got lucky because they were filming season 3 of VGHS and needed as much production help as possible so they called out to local fans, and he happened to be in film school at the time, so he became an intern. So as you can see, you have to display your talent and be very lucky. Hope everything works out for you man, and don’t get discouraged - there are plenty of companys like RocketJump that you could work for and eventually work up to get in contact with RocketJump!


Just do all you can to possibly get to LA work your hardest and a internship opportunity might come your way!


100% agreed with what Kevin just said. :smiley:


Thank you! Its been a dream of mine for a while! And the other harder thing is that im from australia! But i am willing to move to work there but im still young and still in school so i have plenty of time! :wink: I’m in the last year of school at the moment so i am looking for work in the film industry! But thank you!


No problem man! Also, do you live in Sydney? Because I have a friend who is a filmmaker/VFX artist who lives there, if you’re interested!


Oh sweet! Who is he? Message me the details so i can speak to him!


Hi guys! Not to be all forum mod on you, but let’s lay down some law.

Please don’t ask RocketJump for a job on the forums.

Their public email address is, so if you’re serious about contacting them please do so that way. They might post job opportunities online once in a while, via social media or the forums, and feel free to solicit a job when they do. But in the absence of that, these forums are not the place. Thanks guys!


I’m going to close this topic now - let me know if you have any questions!