World's Biggest Ballpit PRANK! RocketJump Short


It’s finally arrived! THE BALL PIT VIDEO!

What do you think?


It is totally baller! :sunglasses:
Not my favorite this week at rocketjump video, but it is great fun and the length makes it something from it’s own category.
Can’t wait for more this week!



Thank goodness about Charlie… the only one I care about :stuck_out_tongue:


You guys must have had so much fun to make this video!!!


This video got to me haha seeing all the staff die :cry:


Okay sure but like… the dog lived. Isn’t that what truly matters? :slight_smile:


Very true but like @JoeyScoma said they can’t live on piss forever!


In which case, Charles can just eat @JoeyScoma. CHARLES BARKLEY MUST LIVE




I honestly didn’t expect this short escalate so quickly…it was EPIC. You guys must’ve had a ton of fun shooting it, too!


This was such a fun video, and like @Jasper_Cloud said, the length kind of puts it into a new category of video- a pretty long short, but still kind of a simple, short story. It never felt like it started to drag or repeat itself, and I never knew what to expect next.

I loved the references to other films as well. I think remembering Jaws made the ball monster more scary. Great video all around!

Clint’s performances are the icing on the cake for me.


BTS for y’all


The legacy of Rubydog189 still lives on…


Brilliant Video (I just got around to it after a busy week)
I watched the BTS and was inspired to make these:


@Kevin_Senzaki Would be very proud


What have I done…


omg the only thing I love more than myself are GIFs of myself :frog:


It’s like the hood old days never left. Love it!


As much as I love classic Freddiew, this video definitely cemented my interest in the new “This Week” series. Looking forward to new content!


That video was hilarious, but kind of reminded me of The Walking Dead in a weird way. It was sad too, but hey, Charles is alive!