Would I lie to you?


Hey everyone, you’ve may have noticed I’ve been having a look at the Community Games, as they’ve been a little inactive lately.

Here’s a new one!

Each player posts:

  • Three statements about themself, **two** of which are lies.
  • Which of the post above is the **true statement.

You can make them crazy or sensible (but sensible ones are more tricky!)

If you want to know the answer, the creator can tell you afterwards in another entry or just on its own post.

To start off:
I do singing regularly
I wear shorts most of the year
I have chickens


I think you have chickens.

For me:
I have had 6 casts around my arms
I was born with 3 ears
I broke my nose 9 times

EDIT: I’m afraid you guessed wrong @Endo, I happen to have broken my arms several times…


I think you have broken your nose 9 times.

For me:
-I have seen the queen.
-I have a pen that gives you an electric shock when you try to use it.
-I have mastered the art of coin magic tricks.


I think you’ve seen the queen.

  1. I have been to Rome
  2. I have been to Sydney
  3. I have been to Barcelona

:airplane_arriving: :airplane_departure::airplane_arriving: :airplane_departure::airplane_arriving: :airplane_departure::airplane_arriving: :airplane_departure::airplane_arriving:


Sydney perhaps?

  1. I hate half of the people in my course, and precisely half.
  2. I once did a handstand on the teachers desk when he left.
  3. A group of friends and I threw a guy (willing) into another guy (also willing) crotch first, resulting in a ripped scrotum for one of the guys involved…


@Shaun_Yap I’m voting #3shiver

  1. I sold music gear to Oasis.
  2. I met Barack Obama at the White House.
  3. My kids are friends with Jon Favreau’s son.

Edit: @NotADoctor votes #2. Incorrect


I think, maybe, you met Obama. Which is pretty cool.

1: I haven’t shot one of my own scripts in over a year
2: I currently produce a podcast
3: I directed Red vs Blue: The Stage Show

Edit: Correct, although there’s a shade of truth in all of them


I think you haven’t shot one of your scripts in over a year.

1: Got people scared for running around with fake guns and had cops called on us.
2: Got sent to the principal’s office for our first video that was controversial
3: Have and currently own a Glidecam.


Oh man #1 and #2 are both so incredibly possible that I’m actually going to pull a maverick maneuver and say #3 is the true one.

Don’t respond yet. Since I already offered up my three, let somebody else guess who can also throw down theirs.


Gotta be number 1. One of my friends had to take her contacts off cause they were red and scaring the younger students, so I wouldn’t be surprised. (I should have used that in my statements.)

1: Me and my friends go attacked by seagulls while on a ferry.

2: Me and my sister got mistaken for carriers of the Olympic torch during the Olympic Games 2012.

3: I’ve met Colin Morgan (who played Merlin in “Merlin”) during a signing.


I think it very plausible that you got attacked by those avian creatures of the sea-skies, seagulls.

1: I failed at math

2: I exceled at economics

3: I Failed at biology

Edit: awww shucks @Nick biology actually was one of my best. I failed my math exam… Twice! I’ve also never had economics

  1. I have no appendix
  2. I have no tonsils
  3. I have no wisdom teeth

Bring it…


It’s been a while and #2 is true and everything else isn’t!


Yo @CFG you ain’t got no appendix AMIRITE?? (Let some other people guess… I’ve already gone)


@Jasper_Cloud - …3? No offense or anything lol
@CFG - I was gonna guess appendix, but since that’s been guessed, let’s go with tonsils

  • I’ve been audited by the IRS
  • I once broke my nose by kneeing myself in the face
  • My family currently owns 5 cats

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Edit: Don’t wanna edit

EDIT: TOO BAD (hi it’s @Daniel, hope you like your new poll :grin:)



OMG just had a realization. Discourse supports polls. This way many people can vote rather than just one person. Makes this more fun imho:

  • First option
  • Second option
  • Third option
  • Yo it’s obviously this one common folks :fire:

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To do this, just write out some code like this:

- Option 1
- Option 2

You can retro-actively edit your posts if you want…if you want.


That’s awesome @Daniel, let’s get started!


I still have my tonsils muahahahh!!!


Haha, funny thread, can I participate? :smiley:

  • In 2011 I went all the way to Berlin to a Rammstein concert and got my shoulder dislocated
  • I’ve never had a real life conversation with John Williams
  • When I was 5 I ran head first into a wall, broke my skull but remained conscious

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Okay then, answer time! :smiley:

At least somebody’s got it right as the true one was the last! I wanted one option that is very much plausible and one that is too obvious, so the true one doesn’t stand out :smiley:

The Rammstein concert was one of my desires that didn’t come true, and as implausible as it sounds (I still hardly believe it), I did actually have a real life conversation with John Williams, which is one of my best experiences in life, It’s a bit longer story, but I think I will share it when I write it up in English. It can be helpful and nice to hear for anyone who wants to meet their hero/role-model, etc.

So the true story was the third. I was in kindergarten, it was afternoon playtime, and the garden area had these slopes, and as a stupid kid I wanted to run down on it as fast as I could. One day I succeeded when no one was looking, gained speed quickly and somehow managed to not fall over, but the problem was that the near building was closer than I expected and I couldn’t stop, so “logically” I went in head first, because who needs hands ( I was kind of Metal as a kid… :smiley: )

This was taken on the other end of our play area

Naturally after the impact I was crying constantly and like crazy. They took me to a surgeon asap, and alerted my parents. You could imagine my mother’s reaction when she saw me with my head fully covered in blood like something out of a horror :smiley:
I still have a little bald spot where I hit my head, but the funny thing is that it made me immune to almost any head pain. I register it, I just don’t care about it, there was this one time in High School when a bunch of bullies tried to fight me and one of them literally headbutted me, full force and all, so naturally I shrugged my shoulder and walked away :smiley: That was so unexpected for them that they did not know what to do with it, they tried to follow and trash talk me for a bit, but eventually they’ve realized that I haven’t given them any f*cks and bounced :smiley:


How long should I wait before revealing the answer? :smiley: