WW2 mini doc


Hi there,

I am currently working on a short mini documentary about dutch ww2 reanactors. I have interviewed several people and I have als had the honor to interview a America ww2 Veteran.
Most of the time I find it very easy to find music that fits my videos.
This time I am having a hard time because I wan´t to highlight the joy of the reanactors and the stories of the veteran.
The song that i linked here is a inspiration of the music i am looking for.



@SzPeti42 do you know anything?


Off top of my head I don’t know any similar songs that might help you, but there are 2 huge classic orchestral scores you can always turn to, the first is John Williams’ Saving Private Ryan, which is scored in a way that most of the music is underscoring the drama and almost no music is used for the actual war scenes, and there are a ton of great militaristic Americana music in there that tries to capture the human aspects of war and the story. You probably want to avoid Hymn to the Fallen though as it’s a bit too well-known, but maybe that’s just me.

Revisiting Normandy is a great place to start as it literally depicts the scene where the veteran main character remembers goes to the cemetery to remember.

And other one I can recommend is very similar to this, it’s actually almost like this movie’s little brother, Band of Brothers by the late-great Michael Kamen. You would also probably want to avoid the main theme as it’s too recognizable, but you can find awesome “WW2”-feel music.


In that sense it’s probably important to ask if you have a budget for music or need something from the public domain/free to use?


Well, here in Hungary I’ve seen plenty of official TV shows using film/TV/game scores rather liberally, you have the music of The Dark Knight on a docu-segment about firefighters, you have the music of Mass Effect playing during a mockumentary-style family-drama soap (most WTF of them all), or the music of Dexter over some celebrity introduction segment. But probably my favourite was the music of Baldur’s Gate 2 on a comedy-parody sketch show, and not just one track :smiley: They assume correctly that nobody in the whole wide world gives one flying fuck about Hungary :smiley: And not like the West is better, Kanye stole Gyöngyhajú lány in a heartbeat for one of his “songs” :smiley:


I assume there will be some good apples who’ve gotten the rights…



Well i am still deciding if i am going to use copyrighted music or not.
Copyrighted music is so much better, but copyright free music is more professional.


Allright guys, got some really good music in here.
Do you know music that has any resemblance to this one?
Its only about the piano piece