Yearly Ski Film


I’m not sure if there’s enough time to really get any feedback on this video before I release in this Sunday, but even if you’re seeing this after that date any and all feedback would be much appreciated! One thing to keep in mind however, is that my window for gathering more footage has passed so editing and sound design tips would be most helpful.



Nice video!
Voice over could have been a bit louder in the mix, I was straining to hear it half decently.
Really liked the use of the fade to white at the end, it might be a bit generic for a video like this, but it works well and looks tremendous.

There’s a close up panning shot at like 0:38 of a pair of skis which seems slightly too long for me and there’s a slight wobble halfway through which is somewhat distracting to me, it should be smooth (though in being write nitpicky here). It might have been better if you’d filmed that with a faster movement and higher frame rate, if at all possible, and slowmo’d it in post.