You have the power of teleportation....What now?


Thinking of making a skit about what it would be like to have the power of teleportation…but I’m trying to brainstorm ideas. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
So I guess my question is, if you could have the power to teleport, what would you do with your newfound powers?


in the begining probaply teleport myself al over the place and fly through teleporting myself. But in the end I’d probaply just sit on the couch watching a series and teleporting snacks to me without getting up


I’d go to a baseball game and teleport the ball two centimeters up every time someone tried to hit it

I’m evil like that :smiling_imp:


Lots of funny things you could do with the idea but one interesting aspect is defining the scope of the characters teleportation power. Can he teleport as far as he can see? To only place where he has been before? Anywhere he can think of?

You could even tackle that question humorously though. Maybe have his first teleportation be an accident where he teleports down a hallway because he was focused on a girl. Then embarrassed he teleports home. As he hones his powers he teleports to a famous landmark (either something near to you or green screen it) Then go extreme and teleport to the moon or something crazy like that.


It depends on the scope of the power / risks involved. Can I teleport to somewhere I’ve never been or seen? Can I accidentally teleport to somewhere unsafe (like oops I landed in the middle of the freeway or even worse, oops my arm materialized in a wall and I lost a limb/died)?

Realistically I would teleport the places I normally walk to, because I am lazy and uncreative. Teleport to class, to work, to my bed, to the bathroom, to the kitchen.

I might try to make money off of my powers, become an entertainer, perform feats of teleportation in Vegas or something.


What if you can teleport, but only to space coordinates, so you would have to calculate the exact location you want to teleport to and the location of earth within the universe for every jump!
That would be a pain in the butt :stuck_out_tongue:


I have thought about this a lot in past months preping fo rmy vfx reel…and i have toyed with the ideas with teleporatation in how somebody would have to have the right blood type in portal jumps, using a certain time that exists to be able to jump in the first place, having jumps that cannot last longer then 2-3 seconds to find your correct position,. and the idea of having infinite jumping, and seeing only places that you can jump to, where you never been to, to only land on…space travel would be a must, and you could never interfere with time itself…

If i was to teleport, ,
I would take a Journal of New England Medicine and jump to times where the sick or the populations could use the information. or i would bring back a New England Journal of Medicine (book or similar) and bring back topics of cures…

I would visit my past loved ones, who passed away untimely …

I would take my girlfriend to the closet habital planet for a romantic dinner for two…

I would take my girlfriend,anywhere on the planet of earth (Hawaii, Alaska, Italy, France,etc…)

I would teleport to view history,or historical people…

I would go in to the most secure area on any planet, to only go and leave as i please… only because i could, and not because i needed to…


hahahahahaha…/to funny…Teleport to get a can of pringles or soda from the kitchen, teleport to the phone to answer it, or teleport to work, when late… I like it! :smile:


And then immediately explode, but hey, it’s the moon.

I’ve gotta say i would be really cheap and teleport into concerts without tickets or teleoport to other countries to dodge plane fares, and i’d totally do the whole Jumper style robbing banks thing.

On that note, watch Jumper, it’s a whole movie about a guy who can teleport.


One day I’d just do skydiving for hours on end.
And I’d so definitely try to fly by teleporting just a mm further every time really quickly


I would probably use it for practicle things. Running errands, getting to places on time, not having to fly(I HATE AIRPLANES). Then once an a while I would do something fun with it, like just totally screw with people.


wow, cool stuff… but I have an interesting challenge…what would you do, if you could only teleport in and out of space? how would you use it??? /again,you can’t change the fabric of time, but only be able to use it…how would you use it???


Wow guys, thanks for the awesome responses. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Realise this is a late reply but you could show the problems associated with teleportation.

All films, shows, books I can think of that include teleportation have the teleporter go from one place to the other in the same condition as they started. They can even take things or other people along for the ride by holding on to them.

To me, this indicates that their body & anything it touches gets teleported. Why then do their shoes stay on if they are wearing socks? Same with jacket if they are wearing a shirt?

The protagonist could come across this obstacle & have to think of ways around it - like wearing socks with holes in, etc.

I’m sure there would be many obstacles involved if you go against the standard assumptions of teleportation. Could be quite funny


I toyed with this idea for a while … you have to remember that we are moving at incredible speed at the planet revilves but also spins around the sun and our whole galaxy spins as well.

How does monthy python say it again?

So unless your teleportation is LITERALLY insta taneous you would end up in space somewhere… assuming teleportation doesnt take velocity into consideration.


Film riots first aketch dealt with that to some extent. :wink:


This is Freddie, Matt and Will trying to write a movie about teleportation:


I saw this topic and have to jump in here so!

Teleportation whether with a machine or a superpower, my first question is always this. Is it really me? The same mind that started at the first from birth? Your body and energy is theoretically destroyed and rebuilt somewhere else, and if it is instant it is not the same energy and particles that made the original you. So did I just kill and clone myself somewhere else? and if I did doesn’t that mean the energy that I created is else where isn’t my mind so a me continues to exists but its not the mind of me who was born.

… so in conclusion I would never use it haha


Depends, teleportation could be your actual body / energy transported … moved over that distance instantaneously.

I think Nightcrawler (xmen) hops through another dimension for his teleportation for example.

I thinkbwhat youvare describing is more like the star treck teleporters.


The power from jumper too were they create mini wormholes for themselves I’d be okay with that too lol but I guess(?) I’ve never looked into Star Treak ones I was thinking more real life science