Your Favorite Movies!


Oh wow! I have seen very nearly none of the movies on this site! Are they good quality? Two I have seen on there are Night of the Living Dead and Little Shop of Horrors. Not exactly B Movies, but it looks like they’re a dime a dozen on this site, I’ll definitely have to check out some of the old serial TV shows.


Yeah it’s really cool I like the site on top of that it’s all actually legal to download at one point I tried archiving the whole site :smile: But the standard of the movies isn’t as bad as I thought at first so there a lot of good ones and there was a series Adventures of Smiling Jack that I liked.

Just checked there’s 12 episodes all together and just in case I’ll download and seed them if you want to check it out, to help with the speed :slight_smile:

Here’s a link to the first one and the first twelve videos in this category are the episodes

IF you meant the resolution/audio quality. It’s as high as it can be you get the same quality you would have watching it in the theatre. Only thing is the audio isn’t lossless the files are just in .AVI format and PSP format(low res and MP4). Also most of the files are web seeded so the speed of most of them is around 150-300kbps


That series Adventures of Smiling Jack is really good so to make it easier for you I am seeding it and a few other movies that are worth watching that I need to watch that I heard were good. I’ll list everything. But to make the Adventures of Smiling Jack download easier I took all 12 episodes and put them into one torrent here Adventures_of_Smiling_Jack|EP;01-12|({Edward_Stryfe} - 8.61GB

Another few good ones are:
Swamp Women
Teenagers From Outerspace
Teenage Zombies
The Little Shop of Horrors
The Phantom of the Opera

Most of them are from the horror or mystery category I tend to like older horror movies like these as opposed to the modern ones so I pay closer attention to what’s rated as good in the Horror/Mystery/Thriller categories.


1- Revenge of the Sith
2- The Phantom Menace
3- The Clone Wars
4- Sharknado 2
5- Sharkndo
6- Sharknado 3
7- Rubber
8- Santa clause vs The Martians
9- Fan4stic 4
10- Birdemic

Let me know if i’m missing anything that I should add in.


OH MY GOSH is that this Birdemic

also if you didn’t know they made a sequel apparently Birdemic 2


And there I was thinking avatar the last airbender deserved a spot on that list. I Had totally forgotten about santa claus vs. the martians!

In all seriousness; I am happy I didn’t see most of these movies or i might have been extremely angry… well not extremely, maybe just very upset… or you know what perhaps slightly disgruntled… No! I’d have a tiny twitch of disbelief. yeah. that’d probably be it. Great list! :ok_hand:


James Cameron’s Avatar at least deserves an honorable mention.

  1. Donnie Darko
  2. Django Unchained
  3. Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith
  4. The Place Beyond The Pines
  5. The Dark Knight Rises
  6. Les Miserables
  7. Drive
  8. The Revenant
  9. The Dark Knight
  10. Hugo


AngelsEclipse7, You must be my long lost twin because that’s almost my exact top list. Though in a different order and I’d probably swap Hugo for Jersey Boys. And where’s the Whiplash?!?!


Coming to America…
Do the Right Thing…
Terminator 2: Judgment Day…
Home Alone…
Any Given Sunday…

Must Come Down…