Your Favorite VGHS Quote


What’s your favorite line from VGHS, what episode was it in and why?

The Up, Side, Down, Game

“Almost nothing”. Season 1, Episode 8 and 9. I like it because every time Brian says it the same two words could convey almost any emotion. Like after he and Jenny finish dancing it feels romantic but when he says it before he owns Law it’s charged with vicious optimism, if you know what I mean lol


“Let’s hang glide out of this loser emporium.”

The Law is the funniest character in the show for me. Almost every line he has says makes me laugh and a lot of the funniness comes from his ability to improv. The Behind the Scenes show that he says different things on different takes, so it makes his lines even more random (because they are). This line was that randomness to the fullest. It also came right after VGHS thought he was going to stay.

However, this line also hurts me because it was his last line as a main character. He seemed to be aggressively phased out of the show after this point. The show hurt because of it. So much more could have been done between the two Laws. EVERY SHOW needs the Law.


It’s not my favorite, but it is the one that comes to mind right now:
“There’s no pop!” -Clutch, S2E2-
Just the way Ethan Newberry says stuff makes it wonderfull, but this one line was done with so much exelence that it simply sticks to the inside of my skull. I just think of it at random times or when I think about the show.


“I heard a kid totally died.”


“I wanna see all the breasts” - Ted Wong, SE3EP2


“There’s nothing better than a fourth taco” -Calhoun S2E1-

“e-sports, more like OMG-sports!” -ShotBot S2E6-

I could sum up a lot more, but I’m going to leave it at saying that the whole thing is just extremele well written. There are simply so many great characters with great lines every episode again!


“I don’t know what has gotten into Brian D but Scotty wants some of that…in pill form…”

Because like in S2 we seen that Scott has a real problem with alcohol and now potentially drugs


I enjoyed that subtle reference to Viagra.


oh I just remembered a really good one that had gone past me unoticed before:

“Ah a water man! fine taste. I admire a dad with a sophisticated phallus”
-Ted Wong S2E3-

long live penisjokes


Hahahaha it was great also “good luck with that pump” oh innuendos haha


Don’t forget about “Ovulations!” Long live ovary jokes :slight_smile: Freud really would have had a field day with Ted, that whole interaction is priceless.


“Does that game include a mini game about being full of SH!T?”

   -Sgt. Ernie Calhoun


“You hear any ROFLcopters, son?”


I was torn between that and the mini game quote lol.


Welcome to me Brain D!

   - The Law

For a split second you think The Law is not that bad a guy, he might be a mentor to Brian and then bam he smashes his keyboard!
Set up the Character in a big way and similar scenarios repeat themselves. Like…

Law and Ki"s contract

Ki - Fart noises?
Law - Phtttttt … Phtttttt.

Law and Napalm’s contract

Law - I won’t sign a contract with anyone … except you guys. (not exact quote)


BrianD more like BrainZ! -JumpinJax


“Prostitutes!” -clap handshake-


“I heard… that you KILLED HIM. And now you’re not friends anymore!” - Jax


“Brian, that would be called father support” Ted S:2

Go Freddie! Stealing money from his kid.