Your Favorite VGHS Quote


“But it was Games Time…” -Deanster bringing BrainD back to life


Law kicks down door, ‘Better call who?! Oh! God! Okay, sorry man, I’ll let you get back to that.’

Guy replies, “No problem. By the way, it’s ‘better call whom’.”

‘Oh sweet, thanks.’ Law runs to Shane’s room and, ‘Better call whom?!’

“He was wrong. It’s ‘better call who’.”

‘I knew it! No, no I don’t need anybody!’


“It’s all about the game.”


Games Dean: “Coach with even more due respect, the Deanster may have failed in covering Jenny, but when the going gets tough, the Deanster gets”

Coach Matrix: “Out. Dean, you’re out. Brian’s in.”


“because at the end of the day Calhoun, it’s all about the game” definitely mu favorite quote from season 1, it was a foreshadowing of the amazing stuff about to come. Or Calhoun’s speech in an episode of season 3(not released yet so no spoils :stuck_out_tongue: )


“Give the people what they want” -BrianD S1E5 Freddie and the crew should “give the people what they want” We want season 4. :weary:


No Spiolers for me, I’M FINISHED! Well no not actually cause I l’ll probably keep replaying this show for the rest of my life. Lol


“three sticks of bubble gum, winter fresh.” -Calhoun

“I remember having four” -Ted

haha poor ted loosing a piece of gum while in detention S3 E3


So serious when Calhoun said “Mechanical pencil .5MM”


Ki finishes talking with Shane and sees him walk off with an RC truck following close behind. The Law, wearing a mustache, sunglasses, and dressed all in denim trails behind and when he sees Ki watching him he simply says, ‘30 foot range.’ in a Western accent.

Makes me smirk every time.


‘Who is this Law feller y’all are talking about?’

“What happens when it goes out of range, Law?”

‘It goes home. I’m not Laaaaaaaww.’


“And these two loser who where hard core gufin me” -Ted Wong Season 1 Episode 1


Law: "HR says I’m moving to a bigger desk!"
Ashley: "Well that’s true, because in its own special way, the sidewalk is the biggest desk of all!"
The level of the acting here cracked me up.


It’s already been mentioned, plus it’s almost cliche… but I have to say, “It’s all about the game…” will probably continue to be my favorite quote from VGHS.

Or… it may be the reference during season one when being questioned about getting to stay at VGHS. “It doesn’t matter if we win or lose, it’s about having one last chance to play with the BEST of the BEST. Because at the end of the day Calhoun, it’s all about the game…” - Brian D

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“Let’s hand glide out of this loser emporium” - The Law


Ki: "You don’t care. I care."
Shane: "The world doesn’t care that care."
Worker: "Where do you want this boss?"
Shane: "Don’t care."
Season 3 Episode 3
LOL omg I totally loved Shane in this moment. So great.


Snaps Ki…Really snaps


Because Ted, your dad just died. Yeah duh, doing his favourite thing ever. Riding a motorcycle without a helmet.


Can we post quotes from episodes past Season 3 Episode 4, or are we waiting for the official weekly release before we do that? Because there’s one from Episode 5 that I thought was pretty funny. It doesn’t really spoil anything I guess.


“I’ve wanted to go VGHS since i was E for Everyone”

I think it pretty much sums up the series in a nutshell.