Your Favorite VGHS Quote


I wasn’t going to let you in cause your twelve and this is a high school, but now I’m never going to let you in cause your both terrible people.

If we’re so terrible why do we get everything we want?

Exactly what a terrible person would say.


“You ate my dead dead candy”


Guys, it is clear that the best VGHS quote is:

Kid :’‘Dude, your mom is a cat!’‘
Brian:’‘Your mom is a cat!’’


“Don’t worry, I’ve seen these two cats dance, and it’s about to be a fancy feast out there tonight.”


“Frag out” -Frandall the Sports gamer :blush:


“Dude, your Mom’s a cat!”


As Season 3 ends the series, Jax may have had the most poignant quote with - 'Man, I’m glad we did all this stuff.'
That needs to be printed on shirts and given to the cast and crew.


That would be a great shirt.

Another excellent quote: “See, when you’re a hero, people wanna beat you. They wanna do you. They wanna do you while they beat you.”


10/10 should put those on a shirt!


Snaps Ki…really Snaps


“Damn, Wendell. That’s pretty crazy.”


I like pretty much everything that comes out of Shane Pizza’s mouth. Guy’s hilarious. That scene where Law find out his “smokin hot girlfriend” is ShotBot…Shane :joy:


“Bust out your butts and put butt bibs on those butts, zoners, cause this gumbo is bubblin.” - Scott Slanders


“Listen to Law’s lesson, loser!” - alliterator


“Please accept my apologies… and my corndog.” - DK. Also, everything DK has ever said ever.


“There’s no excuse! I’m a butt.” - Ted


You…uh… frag noobs really good…dude. -The Law to The Law


Sebastian:"Uh, is the equation Jenny plus Brian equals ‘Can I get a taste?’"
Jenny’s mom: "Get out Sebastian"
Sebastian:"Worth a shot"
gets up and walks out of class


“it’s x-2. I’m also smart”


Gaming is about the game Ep1 Season 1