Your Favorite VGHS Quote


“I’ve seen these cats meow, we’re about to have a Fancy Feast”

  • Games Dean.


welcome to the wonderful world of having no problems.
-Ernie Calhoun
Being a teen is hard i guess
-Ernie Calhoun
Ki: I know this may sound weird but I think we should kiss three times to get back at Ted and Jenny
Brian:Dont think thats gonna win us any points from the jury
Kis Dad: You should listen to your partner Ki.
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I rode my bike…


I WANT IT! Spams M249


i heard a kid peed his pants


all those stories are both true and untrue, except for the one where the kid died; that actually happened.


She totally melted off my ol’ man’s face off! LIterally!

In light of these super bogus cheating allegations, and out of respect of VGHS, the last place in the world that truly believes in me, my legal team and I feel it is in my best interest, (sigh,) to PUNCH THROUGH MY PREPARED STATEMENT, FIRE MY LEGAL TEAM, AND SWEAR VENGEANCE ON THE LOSER WHO DARED FRAME THE LAW! YOU"RE GOING DOWN BUDDY! JUST LIKE THIS PODIUM! (fails at kicking down the podium) NO!"

  • The Law


“Winners don’t do drugs, but you’re a loser, so go do some drugs!”
– Freddie Wong.


“Let’s make it a quickie” -Jenny Matrix


“Look being a teen is, hard I guess…” Sgt. Ernie Calhoun


“I’m a chess master D., I was thinking what you where thinking 10 thinks ago.”
-The Law


S3E2 - when Ted and DK steal the arcade game and then they crash, Freddie gets out the trunk and Ted just says: “I moved ur car” and walks away like a boussss and then right after baddass credits music comes on!!


Talkbot: Rank your favorite races in order! This is just a thought exxperience Jenny, no one will get mad at you!

Jenny: Well… I guess that… I’m white, so white, and then I love indian food? So maybe that would be two?

Talkbot: …We we’re talking about World of Warcraft.

Jenny: Oh my god.


“The fizzy lakes run dry? Something’s a miss” season 2 episode 2, could not more perfectly sum up the shows over the top dramatic humour.



The delivery by the genius that is Mr. Brian Firenzi.


“You are LITERALLY living every sixteen year-old’s dream right now! You go to a VIDEO-GAME HIGHSCHOOL, you have a SMOKING HOT GIRLFRIEND who wants to have SEX WITH YOU and for some reason, her mom is O.K with it!” - Games dean


Well, Im not sure if this counts as its a very well improvised outtake by Joey as Jumpin’ Jax but he ad lib’d
"Well I heard that you punched him in the soul DEAD!" I don’t know why but the way Joey delivered it was just so funny!


“WAIT IN THE CAR BRIAN!” ~ The Law - Season three, episode six.


“Memorise a million moves by Monday morning? Mr. Matrix, that’s marble madness!” - Alliterator s2e1