Your top five games


Did you play Mass Effect 2? I hope you did. I find Mass Effect 2 to be a better game, but regardless, the Mass Effect trilogy follows a three step process. Mass Effect 1 lays the groundwork for the universe, Mass Effect 2 builds up the universe and lets you learn about (and fall in love with) everything in that universe as well as warns everything in that universe of an incoming danger. Mass Effect 3 has that danger arrive and kill everything. Every race, planet, character, etc. dies or is affected in a terrible way. Life will never be the same for anyone in that universe again. It was powerful and heartbreaking. It hurt me so much watching all of those characters I fell in love with die, I don’t think I can play 3 again. I go back to 2.

I guess my point is that to appreciate the fall, you need to see the rise. If you haven’t played Mass Effect 2, I strongly recommend it and I think it would make you like 3 even more if you haven’t. Nice list.


I strongly recommend its predecessor, Oblivion, as well. Both of those games are incredible.


Started playing Bioshock, I’m loving it. Played Infinite a few years back and did not enjoy it as much. Bioshock felt like this world had been much better but now was broken, Infinite felt like the world was running well but you were being targeted as a threat to the city continuing to run well.

Have only played bits and pieces of both game so I may be way off but the Atmospheres feel way different to me. Bioshock feels like a survivor game and Infinite feels more like a shooter.

Also the society in Bioshock makes more sense - You cannot have a objectivism Utopia without having a high level of separation from other cultures. Meanwhile the vices in Infinite (cult religions and racism) can exist in any culture.


I have indeed played ME2 and I loved the game especially cause the game play as so much better the ME1 hated the guns ammo system haha. The only part I didn’t like was the human reaper. The part that bugged me wasn’t that they were building one but that they were building it to look like a human. If they were building a normal looking reaper the giant squid using humans I would’ve been fine. If they showed other reaper that were designed after the race that built them I would been fine, but with no previous mention or context BOOM it looks just like a human and completely unrelated to what all the other millions and billions or reapers look like.


@teejones, we have very similar taste in games :slight_smile:

I like their single players, but I agree that friends make them 2000% better :smiley:


Gamecube forever man! It was my first console and still remains my favourite.


hit the nail right on the head.
This is what i ws thinking about bioshock


Yeah, the human reaper, despite being extremely metal (like, as in, throw-the-horns metal) was a really dumb, old-fashioned video game boss, and maybe not in a good way. It just reminds me of Contra 3 a lot.


i really badly wanted there to be a good, complex backstory behind it.
i really did.


Haha. That would be funny. An entire army of identical Reapers flying around, then a human-shaped one running after them. I’m sure it can fly, but picturing it running like a human seems funnier.


If I was a Reaper and saw that even I would be like “who the hell thought that was a good idea? Harbinger what the hell?” haha


I would love to learn how to animate just to turn this into a comedy sketch.


even a comic book strip would be awesome and hilarious


Not in any particular order, and I’ll mostly put my top 5 game series.

  1. Kingdom Hearts
  2. Legend of Zelda
  3. Resident Evil
  4. Super Smash Bros.
  5. Borderlands
    Honorable Mentions - Final Fantasy, Dead Space, Mass Effect, Pokemon, Bioshock, Gears of War, Halo, Luigi’s Mansion, Evil Within, Star Wars Battlefront, Devil May Cry, Shadow The Hedgehog, Mario, etcetera I’m done now xD


Woohoo Smash Bros and LoZ!

How come you picked those as your top 5? :slight_smile:


I love KH. I am intrigued by the possibility of Frozen and Star Wars being in KH3. I just hope both didn’t fall into the Disney family too late in KH3’s production.


If they do that well, they may have won my faith back in Disney’s unsustainable thirst for buying franchises. Either this, or we need some of the people from Maker Studios in Disney Infinity.

  1. The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind. No comments.

  2. Garry’s mod(+wiremod). It’s boring without mods, but i spent a lot of hours building stuff with wiremod. It’s really changing whole game. Instead of riding another car made out of crap or blowing up npcs and ragdolls you can build autonomous robots, or killer robots, or flying robots, or, if you add resource systems mod, you can build huge space ships that are actually require fuel, oxygen, electricity and other resources to fly.

  3. KOHCTPYKTOP and SpaceChem. Both take same place because same author made them.
    First one is very small, but pretty hard puzzle, in which you should
    create integrated circults to solve problems. It really shows, how
    computers and other electronics works in a simplified manner.
    Second one is much bigger and less realistic, but more entertaining and hard at the end. In this game you need to create reactor(s) that modifies molecules using two programmable manipulators. It’s hard to explain but i would definitely recommend playing it.

  4. Nox. Including it in this list so you wont think i should go play AutoCAD instead of games. This game was released closely to Diablo II. It’s somewhat simillar to it, but contains less RPG stuff and much more action, it also has better graphics with unique(at least by the time) lighting system and even some physics.

  5. Street Legal Racing: Redline. Back to the constructor games, this one is, as the title clearly says, all about racing. But unlike other racing games, you have to build engine, and other parts, by youself. Part by part. It’s not like nfs click upgrade to get +5 acceleration, no, you gonna need to buy new parts, reassemble your engine with new parts, then run dyno and hope you get a few more hp. You can also remove any interrior and exterior parts to make car lighter, change suspension and fine tune every single part(like intake camshaft degree) for maximum performance. And, if you unlucky enough to bump into the wall fullspeed, any part can get irreversibly destroyed, including engine and wheels. However, this game looks like it’s not finished and races are kinda boring. You may try mods, but get ready for V12 5600 HP 5-turbochargers monster that burns down any tires in seconds


Have none of you played The Last of Us? OMG that game was good… Just the feels… (and the gameplay was good aswell) if you have a PlayStation i am going to force you to buy it


I loved that game. Ni No Kuni gets an honorable mention from me as well. It’s so tough to just pick five.