Your top five games


My favorite games are: Aion online( still like it but the golden patch was with no doubt patch 2.7) fallowed by world of Warcraft( already a classic and with the new warlords of draenor private servers expansion Warlords of Draenor really rocks!), runescape (with the new updates made early this year is back on horse), minecraft ( the best indie of all and with the Microsoft deal is ‘‘wow’’) and mu online


Team Fortress 2(TF2) - FPS - A really well made game. Its got pretty simple controls for new players just starting the game and is a lot of fun even for veterans.

Garry’s Mod(GMod) - Sandbox/FPS - GMod is an extremely fun game. With its hundreds of community made game modes you will never get bored.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive(CS:GO) - FPS - CS:GO is by far my favourite competitive First Person Shooter of all time. CS:GO also has a casual mode for players who want to practice without committing to a 45 minute game.

Don’t Starve Together(DST) - Co-Op/Survival - DST is the multiplayer version of Don’t Starve. Being a very unique game its kind of hard to describe. Picture Minecraft on one layer, from third person and with a lot more ways to die.

Just Cause 2: Multiplayer Mod(JC2) - Action/Adventure - Just cause 2 is game summarised in only one word BADASS. And why not do it with friends.

  1. Bioshock - PS3 FPS Adventure - Very atmospheric & original imo. Great to get stuck into. Recently purchased the PS4 remake & am loving the trip down memory lane

  2. The Evil Within - PS4 Survival Horror - Reminded me so much of what Resident Evil used to be about. Terrifying, hard & sometimes disturbing. Have had many a fright on this one!

  3. GTA5 - PS4 Arcade - Always been a fan of GTA & they keep getting better so the latest instalment of the franchise had to appear on my list

  4. The Secret of Monkey Island 2 - Amiga 500 Adventure - Going back a long way with this one but I spent weeks/months enjoying & being frustrated with this. They don’t make games like this any more which is a shame

  5. World of Warcraft - PC MMORPG - Almost cringed adding this to list but it was a fave game of mine for a long time. Yes, I was that guy once. Like a drug habit, I got off this game many years ago but the Smeagle inside me longs for the day that I lose my gf & dignity & spend my remaining days gaining weight & playing wow in a dark room for ever.